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Adrazhofen Milei
Type of industry Edit or translate this description.
Group: Industrial
Used on these elements
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Documented values: 27
Status: in usePage for proposal

You can describing the type of industry using the tag industrial=*


Tag Element Comments
industrial=aluminium_smelting node area Aluminium smelting factory - producing aluminium
industrial=bakery node area Bakery - industrial facility that produces flour-based food.
industrial=brewery node area Brewery - production of beer in large quantity
industrial=brickyard node area Brickyard - brick making factory
industrial=depot node area Place where vehicles are stored and served. Apart from landuse=garages, area and vehicles at industrial=depot usually belong to the single entity (police or firefighter's department, transportation company etc).
industrial=distributor node area A distributor for some product. Does not generally sell to the public.
industrial=factory node area Factory - a place where manufacturing takes place, not otherwise specified.
industrial=furniture node area Furniture factory
industrial=gas node area
industrial=grinding_mill node area Grinding mill - a device that breaks solid materials into smaller pieces by grinding, crushing, or cutting. The aftermath is powdered product, not liquid extract like oil mill.
industrial=heating_station node area Heat production station. See District heating. Should be combined with power=* tag.
industrial=ice_factory node area A place where ice are made and sold (e.g. to fishing boat).
industrial=machine_shop node area Machine shop - a place where a variety of parts are machined for different companies.
industrial=machinery node area A place where machinery is built for other companies processing materials and making goods (See industrial=factory).

Not to be confused with a machine shop that produce parts only. A machinery industry can make needed parts on its own or buy from third parties.

industrial=mine node area Mine - extraction of mineral resources from the ground
industrial=mobile_equipment node area A place where mobile equipment of some kind is sold or rented.
industrial=oil_mill node area Oil mill - a mill designed to crush or bruise oil-bearing seeds, such as linseed or peanuts, or other oil-rich vegetable material.
industrial=oil node area Oil industry - includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, and marketing petroleum products.
industrial=port node area Port area handling commercial traffic. Alternative to landuse=port that is friendlier to data consumers.
industrial=packaging node area Industrial facility that produces packaging.
industrial=petroleum node area Petroleum industry the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining of petroleum products.
industrial=rice_mill node area A place where paddy or rough rice is transformed to white rice ready for consumption.
industrial=salt_pond node area A salt pond is where water containing salt is sun-heated, and salt is extracted by humans (typically sea-water, but not always). Alternative to landuse=salt_pond that is friendlier to data consumers.
industrial=sawmill node area Sawmill - a place where logs are turned into wood products including lumber and plywood.
industrial=scrap_yard node area Wrecking yard - place where decommissioned vehicles are brought for dismantling.
industrial=shipyard node area Shipyard - place where ships are constructed.
industrial=slaughterhouse node area Slaughterhouse - place where animals are slaughtered.
industrial=steelmaking node area Steelmaking factory - producing steel from iron ore and scrap
industrial=warehouse node area Warehouse - a place where goods are stored and shipped from but not manufactured.
industrial=well_cluster node area
industrial=wellsite node area