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Public-images-osm logo.svg landuse = depot
RET remise Beverwaard (2).JPG
An area used as a depot for trains, buses, trams or other vehicles. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Landuse
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landuse=depot is used to describe an area used as a depot for trains, buses, trams or other vehicles. This includes the whole area with halls and areas. In addition depot is usually privately owned by the operator and can sometimes contain other objects, such as buildings renovation. depot=* should also be used to determine what type of equipment is in the depot, but rather what it does. Example values can be railway, bus, tram, service, police. In addition, most of the depot should have a tag operator=* to determine who is using the depot. access=private may be adopted as the default. Additional tags, such as surface=*, access=*, name=*, ..., may also be added.

This tag is frequently used to everything that can be called depot including tram depots, warehouses, container depots, bus depots, areas for storage of produced vehicles and similar.

Note that railway depots are by definition railway landuse and landuse=railway is more established tag. Similarly bus and tram depots are already covered by landuse=commercial or landuse=industrial.

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A Bus Depot:

Bielsko-Biała, zajezdnia MZK.jpg
Container-Depot: Puertobarcelona2.jpg

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Alternative tagging

Such features may be also part of landuse=commercial or landuse=industrial or landuse=railway areas rather than using separate landuse values. For example railway yard is a clear landuse=railway, railway=depot or similar may be added if marking it is a depot is necessary.

Note that statistics below are not counting cases where depot area is not tagged with subtag of main landuse, for example most railway depots are tagged with landuse=railway without railway=depot.






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