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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: SimoneSVC
Tagging: landuse=depot
Applies to: area
Definition: Represents land that is used as a service depot of vehicles or other utilities
Rendered as: *
Drafted on: 2010-12-15


There are lots of areas used by service companies to host vehicles or other equipment they use to operate. The landuse depot is intended to describe such areas. Note that a depot will need for many things, not only for vehicles (see Tagging sub-tag).


There is no fitting tag for a depot. While some suggest that vehicles depots should be tagged as parkings, this does not seem correct.

Also, a depot is usually a private area owned by the operator, and could occasionally include other facilities such as maintenance areas.


This (Google Maps) is a bus depot in Milan. Using StreetView it's easy to see that access is controlled by a lift gate; also there's a washing station and an area for mechanical maintenance of the vehicles.

This (Google Maps) is another bus depot in Vercelli, Italy. The area is shared between the bus station on the eastern half (where the gate and the shelters are) and the western part where vehicles are parked (often for a long time). It is currently incorrectly mapped in OSM as a bus station, but this is inaccurate.

This (Google Maps) is a railway depot in Casale Monferrato, Italy. Again, it is not only a "parking area" for carriages, but it also hosts service buildings.

Finally, this (Google Maps) is a service depot next to the Vercelli Est exit of the A26 motorway near Vercelli. This is used by diverse service vehicles used by the motorway operator, ranging from trucks with light indicators, to tow trucks, to snow plowers, and may also occasionaly used to store some needed material, for example the salt that is to be put on the road at winter.

Bus Depot Tram Depot Container Depot


Any depot should be described as an area tagged with landuse=depot. If it is impossible to draw the area, there's little point in indicating the existence of a depot with a node.

A sub-tag depot=* should be used to specify what kind of vehicles or material is in the depot, or rather what the depot is used for. Example values maybe:

Maybe "service", "police". But not, if this can set by other tag e.g. operator. You can set the type of the Depot as:

Also, most depots should have an operator=* tag to describe who uses the depot. access=private could be assumed as the default.

Additional tags may be added freely (surface, access, name, …).


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