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Following images are missing licensing info but have description that should allow relatively easy license handling. Help with processing them is highly welcome!

Check linked source - if it was deleted, or is marked as 'all rights reserved' or other restrictive license then this image should be almost certainly no longer used and should be delinked and marked for deletion with {{Delete}}

If license is fine, then for Wikimedia Commons images mark file with {{Superseded by Commons}} (or replace uses and apply {{Delete|replaced by Commons image LINK}} - for files with the same name as Commons file just use {{Delete|replaced by shadowed Commons image LINK}})

For Flickr images with OK license use - for transferring Flickr image to Wikimedia Commons, which allows to record license status. Then next steps as with any other Commons image

This listing comes from User:Mateusz Konieczny/todo

Following pages are listing problems waiting for fixing on OSM Wiki: