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Public-images-osm logo.svg man_made = flagpole
Genova-Quarto dei Mille.JPG
A long pole built to hold a flag Edit or translate this description.
Group: Man made
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Status: approvedPage for proposal

Flagpoles are important manmade landmarks. Usually they are visible over a long distance. Some flags are signals (at beach for swimmers). See Emergency_(facilities)#Lifeguards

We map the 'flagpole' rather than just a 'flag', because a flagpole has a clear static location. Information about the flag typically flown on that flagpole can be added with attributes.

How to map


Key Value Element Comment Example Icon
flag:type signal node A flag that marks a spot (like guard towers or places for first aid) Blaue Flagge hr 2007.jpg No Icon
national node The main flag of a nation. Usually found on governmental buildings. Hibbs flagpole.JPG No Icon
governmental node ??? ??? No Icon

Tags to use in combination

Identifying the hoisted flag:

  • flag:type=signal/national/governmental/... - A type classification for flags
  • country=US/DE/TZ/etc. - For national flags to indicate which country is represented on the flag (examples: United States of America, Germany, Tanzania).
  • flag:wikidata=* – the flag's Wikidata item ID, which begins with a Q (for disambiguating similarly named flags)
  • flag:name=* – name of the flag (for obscure flags that don't warrant Wikidata items)
  • flag:colour=* – primary color of the flag, such as the color of the field (for obscure flags or for renderers incapable of fetching or rendering flag images)

Physical properties of the pole itself:

  • height=## - Height of the flagpole in metres (No need to write 'metres' or 'm'. Just the number)
  • lit=yes - If the flag is lit up, e.g. with floodlights at night


Only distinctive flagpoles should be mapped. This definition does not aim on the small flags on golfcourses.

Possible Rendering

Man made flagpole.svg suggested by User:Chrisana13

Future additions

There are very few signal flags in the map. We will have to evaluate what tags are most useful to describe the kind of signal and the meaning. In a further proposal the flag can be extended.

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