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name of each of the flags hoisted on the flagpole Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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A flagpole can be tagged with the name of each of the flags hoisted on the flagpole.

How to tag

The value should be the name of a flag design in the local language. For example, a California flag on a flagpole in California would be tagged flag:name=California. If the flag design has its own Wikidata item, add a flag:wikidata=* tag. Otherwise, add a flag:colour=* tag so that renderers can approximate the flag's appearance.


This key is especially useful when other tags like flag:type=* and country=* are ambiguous, for the same reasons as flag:wikidata=*. flag:wikidata=* is less ambiguous, more machine-readable, and consistent across languages. However, some flags are too obscure for their own Wikidata items, so flag:name=* is a way to preserve specific information about the flag. In the future, if a Wikidata item is created for a flag design that was previously thought to be obscure, mappers can use flag:name=* to find flagpoles to tag with flag:wikidata=*.