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flag of a military force or unit, often found near a military installation or war memorial Edit or translate this description.
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This tag indicates that a military flag is hoisted on a flagpole. Military flags include war flags, naval flags, and flags representing specific military forces or units.

Where to find them

Military flags may be found near military installations, war memorials, historic battlefields, cemeteries, and veterans' halls.

In the United States, many counties and municipalities maintain veterans' memorials at parks or cemeteries. Veterans' memorials invariably feature the American flag, the POW/MIA flag, and the flags of the five service branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, which can be identified by color in street-level imagery. (The POW/MIA flag represents an organization, not a military unit, so use flag:type=organisation for that flag.) This set of flags can also be found outside American Legion and VFW halls. Individual service branch flags also fly in the front yards of countless veterans' homes.

Additional tags

Indicate the specific flag or flag design using the flag:name=* and/or flag:wikidata=* tag. To accommodate renderers that are unable to incorporate flag designs from Wikidata, set flag:colour=* to the flag's dominant color, such as the color of its field.


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