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Public-images-osm logo.svg flag:type = advertising
Ericsson flagga 2010.jpg
flag intended to advertise a business Edit or translate this description.
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This tag indicates that the flag of a business is hoisted on a flagpole for the purpose of promoting that business.

This tag is used for conventional flags on conventional poles that at most bear the logo of a business or brand. The advertising=flag tag also indicates an advertising flag. That tag may be more suitable for less distinctive advertising flags (such as vertical "banner", "feather", or "teardrop" flags) or flags that advertise some fact about the business (such as "Open 24 Hours" or "Drive-Thru").

Where to find them

Corporate logo flags are flown in front of many corporate headquarters offices. Some large fast food and supermarket chains fly their own flag in front of each store location. Major American hotel chains fly logo flags in front of each hotel.

Additional tags

Indicate the specific flag or flag design using the flag:name=* and/or flag:wikidata=* tag. To accommodate renderers that are unable to incorporate flag designs from Wikidata, set flag:colour=* to the flag's dominant color, such as the color of its field.


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