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Public-images-osm logo.svg flag:type = municipal
civil flag of a city, town, village, or other municipality Edit or translate this description.
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This tag indicates that a municipal flag is hoisted on a flagpole. For the purpose of this tag, a "municipality" may be a city, town, village, or other local administrative subdivision, whether or not it is officially incorporated.

Where to find them

United States

In the United States, municipal flags are most often flown outside city halls and town squares. Sometimes they are also flown in municipally owned parks, airports, or stadiums, or near town welcome signs along major roads. In virtually all cases they are accompanied by the American flag, and often by a state flag as well.

Additional tags

Indicate the specific flag or flag design using the flag:name=* and/or flag:wikidata=* tag. To accommodate renderers that are unable to incorporate flag designs from Wikidata, set flag:colour=* to the flag's dominant color, such as the color of its field.


The following pages can help you identify municipal flags:

See also

  • flag:type=governmental for a flag of a governmental entity that is not the main civil authority of an administrative area