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For plaques listed on Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: historic
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Use for referencing a plaque's entry on Open Plaques, the international Open Data register of commemorative plaques.


Use the so called machine tag on the plaque's website at as an OSM-Tag exactly as it is shown on the website.

Generally best used with historic=memorial with a required memorial=plaque, and an optional appropriate inscription=* and/ or name=*.

Note that Open Plaques collects markers that state or imply that the subject was physically at the marked location at a particular time in the past. For example, this excludes a memorial inside a church (except where they make a point that 'Xyz worshipped here'), a road named after someone famous who did not actually live there, and items (statues, clocks, plaques, etc.) commemorating a monarch's anniversary (where the monarch is not visiting the town to unveil it). There is also an exclusion on building 'foundation stones'.


node This plaque has openplaques:id=10106 which refers to

Linked Open Data

By pulling json from Open Plaques you would get:

key value
id 10106
erected_at null
latitude 50.79043
longitude -1.09068
inscription Doctor Arthur Conan Doyle M.D. practised from 1882 until 1890 at No.1 Bush Villas which formerly stood on this site. It was here that the first two Sherlock Holmes novels were written
is_current true
title Arthur Conan Doyle brown plaque
address Elm Grove, Southsea
subjects Arthur Conan Doyle
colour_name brown
machine_tag openplaques:id=10106
geolocated? true
photographed? true
photos [{"uri":"", "thumbnail_url":"", "shot_name":"close up", "attribution":"\u0026copy; Graham Tiller on Flickr CC BY 2.0"}, {"uri":"", "thumbnail_url":"", "shot_name":"close up", "attribution":"\u0026copy; rw_norris2000 on Flickr CC BY 2.0"}, {"uri":"", "thumbnail_url":"", "shot_name":"establishing shot", "attribution":"\u0026copy; Graham Tiller on Flickr CC BY 2.0"}]
organisations []
language {"name":"English", "alpha2":"en"}
area {"name":"Portsmouth", "uri":"", "country":{"name":"United Kingdom", "alpha2":"gb", "uri":""} }
people [{"uri":"", "full_name":"Sir Arthur Conan Doyle KStJ DL"}]

Furthermore, by following you could get subject details such as birth and death year, gender, roles, and including a Wikidata_id of Q35610 taking you further.

The geolocation on OSM is likely to be more accurate than that on Open Plaques.

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