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For benches listed on Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: historic
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Status: in use

Use for referencing a bench's entry on Open Benches.

Openbenches, inspired by a similar site that records historic plaques, uses crowdsourcing to record the inscriptions on memorial benches, it does this via an uploaded photo that acts as a reference, provides the location (via its geotags) and the text of the inscription extracted using image recognition.[1]

OpenBenches allows for a direct import, see the contributors page for more information.


Use the ID number (from the URL slug) on the bench's page at as an OSM-Tag.

Generally best used with amenity=bench and an inscription=*.

The images are creative-common licence so can be used with the image=* key, they typically take the format


node 5044994461 has openbenches:id=1215 which refers to

See also

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