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Public-images-osm logo.svg road_marking
Road marking left.jpg
A road marking or line, usually painted. Please note this tagging is experimental. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: highways
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesshould not be used on waysshould not be used on areasshould not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
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Status: in use

 Road surface markings represent the physical presence of road markings mapped with ways.

Unlike similar keys, such as turn=*, lanes=* and Relation:restriction which annotate highway ways, road_marking=* tags describe the markings themselves. However in most instances it may be possible to infer them from the tagging on the highway.

Note: Do not draw them in isolation from other elements (such as lanes). It will just be garbage data. It should be attributed within the way element (way=*). Drawing is a violation of the agreement(Tagging for the renderer). - Best practice tag examples


Value Description Notes Mapillary / OpenStreetCam / other photo example In-map example
left Your lane must turn left. See also turn=* (or turn:lanes=*) for tagging entire turn information beginning from first indication by sign and road marking to the final junction node. Road marking left.jpg
right Your lane must turn right.
left;right Your lane must turn left or turn right.
left;through Your lane must turn left or go straight.
right;through Your lane must turn right or go straight.
left;right;through Your lane must turn left or right or go straight. way 264040303
dash Only use this for dashes that demarcate lanes. See also: change=* Road marking dash.jpg
dashed_yield_line When yielding for a yield sign, stop here.
This line is perpendicular to your movement.
See also highway=give_way
solid_stop_line When stopping for a red light, stop here.
This line is perpendicular to your movement.
See also highway=stop / traffic_sign=stop
solid_road_divider A solid line dividing the two carriageways of the road
solid_lane_divider There is a lane on each side. See also: change=* Road marking solid lane divider.jpg
solid_road_edge There is a lane on exactly one side
except when extending an onramp's gore triangle with a line.
Road marking solid road edge.jpg
gore_chevron A chevron inside an onramp/offramp gore triangle Road marking gore chevron.jpg
solid_crossing_edge A solid line along an edge of a pedestrian crossing
bus Bus lane road markings. Depends on the local usage and language; usually a text (BUS). See also: bus:lanes=* & lanes:bus=*
bus_stop Bus stop road markings. Depends on the local usage; can be a box, a text (BUS), zebras, etc.
pedestrian_crossing_rectangle Rectangle of pedestrian crossing. It may be possible to use area:highway=* instead. See also: crossing=*
A closeup of Pedastrian cross.JPG

See also

  • lane_markings=* - To indicate if this highway has painted markings to indicate the position of the lanes
  • turn=* - The key turn can be used to specify the direction in which a way or a lane will lead
  • lanes=* - Total number of traffic lanes available for motorised traffic
  • change=* - Specify the allowed/forbidden lane changes
  • Relation:restriction - Used for a set of tags and members to represent a turn restriction