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Bus lane in the vicinity of Machida Sta.jpg
Total number of lanes marked on the way as reserved for Public Service Vehicles (buses, taxis etc.) Edit or translate this description.
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Not to be confused with psv:lanes=* or bus:lanes=*, which are lane specific Access tags, example yes|yes|designated

The lanes:psv=* key can be used to mark the number lanes reserved for public service vehicles on a way.

The most common value is 1, when a psv lane exists. For a two-way road with dedicated psv lanes in both directions, the value would be 2. If the lane is exclusive for buses only (no taxis allowed, for example), use lanes:bus=* instead.

Where a way element has a psv lane only in one direction, use lanes:psv:forward=*, and lanes:psv:backward=* when that lane is usable in the direction of the way, or against the direction of the way, respectively.

If the whole road is exclusively for psv's, use regular access conditions: access=no + psv=yes ; motor_vehicle=no + psv=yes when shared by bicycles ; or else highway=bus_guideway where applicable.


Picture/Description Tags
2010-01-02 15.19.16.jpg OSM way points in direction of photographer (matters for backward/forward)
Busspur und Haltestelle in Mannheim 100 9128.jpg highway=residential


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Bus lanes

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See also

  • busway=* – another candidate for tagging lanes dedicated to buses.
  • bus_bay=* - A bus bay outside the main carriageway for boarding/alighting
  • psv:lanes=* - For describing the legal accessibility by Public Service Vehicles per lane
  • lanes:psv:conditional=* – for specifying the number of dedicated lanes and when they are in effect
  • lanes=* – total number of physical travel lanes making up the way.
  • highway=bus_guideway - A busway that is side guided "rails like", not suitable for other traffic.
  • Bus lanes - Overviev about different tagging schemes
  • Buses - Overview about general public transport tagging items