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LGBTQ+ friendly places Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Status: in use

The lgbtq=* tag indicates  LGBTQ+ community-friendly places for  lesbian,  gay,  bi,  trans,  queer, etc. people. The tag values can be understood as degrees of acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.

This tag can be added to: pubs, bars, cafes, nightclubs, sports clubs, dancing schools, sexual, medical or general counselling, foundations, libraries, museums, shops, community centres, toilets, ...

Only places which openly mark themselves as a LGBTQ+ venue should be tagged as such. In places with widespread oppression against LGBTQ+ people, such places will not openly advertise like this, so they should not be mapped.

How to map

Add lgbtq=* tag to the object.

Use lgbtq:*=* for more options; e.g., lgbtq:trans=primary for a venue aimed at trans people.



Locations which cater to an exclusively or predominantly LGBTQ+ audience, either by the managers running it that way, or by overwhelming convention.


amenity=bar + lgbtq=primary
What is commonly called a  gay bar
amenity=bar + lgbtq=primary + lgbtq:women=primary
A bar which is aimed at LGBTQ* women (some people may call this a  Lesbian bar)
amenity=community_centre + lgbtq=primary + lgbtq:trans=primary
A trans community centre
amenity=place_of_worship + lgbtq=primary
A place of worship which is aimed towards LGBTQ* people


The location has some verifiable indication that LGBTQ+ clientele are welcome, but does not cater primarily to them. Indications of welcome might, for example, be in the form of signage or a statement on the location's website, which can be surveyed by other mappers. Some signage may seem indicative of being LGBTQ+ friendly, but not specifically mention the LGBTQ+ community; tag with best judgement, and consider adding a source:lgbtq=* tag with a link to a website statement or a photo of signage. Note that OpenStreetMap's long standing verifiability rule means we cannot tag "LGBTQ+ unwelcome" establishments as an opposite. lgbtq=friendly has a similar meaning but is less used.

Examples of signage
HRC Sticker.jpg AllPeopleSticker.jpg Safespace.jpg
HRC logo Not specific to LGBTQ+


This venue is only for LGBTQ+ people. This is probably rare, but might be useful with subkeys. This is not for places which are mostly attended by LGBTQ+ people, which is often too subjective, but for places which essentially ban others.


amenity=nightclub + lgbtq=primary + lgbtq:men=only
A nightclub which is run to cater to LGBTQ+ people, and only allows in men.


This venue denies entry to LGBTQ+ people. In some places it is illegal to discriminate in this way, so this tag might be uncommon. For example there should be almost no places in the UK, Ireland, and Germany which have this tag. However, if it is verifiable that a place explicitly disallows LGBTQ+ people in a region that does not legally prevent such discrimination, this value is a valid option. This value should not be used to tag "LGBTQ+ unwelcome" establishments (see above lgbtq=welcome).


amenity=place_of_worship + lgbtq=no
A place of worship which denies entry to LGBTQ+ people.

When using lgbtq:*=only, other categories of people must be presumed to be banned. lgbtq:women=only implies lgbtq:men=no.


lgbtq=yes should be interpreted as lgbtq=primary, but should not be used. yes is the opposite of no, but the opposite of lgbtq=no is lgbtq=only. For clarity it is best to avoid lgbtq=yes (and lgbtq:*=yes).

More specific / sub cultures

lgbtq=* can be used as a namespace, for more fine grained detail for different categories of people/sub-cultures. The following is a suggested guide, you are free to expand this or use your own values.

Subkey Synonyms Example Note
women female, woman lgbtq:women=primary
men male, man lgbtq:men=only
bi bisexual lgbtq:bi=primary
trans transgender lgbtq:trans=primary
cis cisgender This might never be used, but is included for completeness sake. Trans only spaces can be mapped as lgbtq:trans=only which implies lgbtq:cis=no)
queer lgbtq:queer=only
bears bear lgbtq:bears=primary For  bear subculture.
Others Free form text that the mapper has decided makes sense.


  • Since bi & pan (etc.) people exist, lesbian or gay might be not accurate, since the venue might allow lesbians and bi women (or gay men and bi men), and harmful, since it contributes to  bi-erasure.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, men, women, etc. are trans inclusive.


Places, websites, or apps, using this tagging scheme:

  • iD has a preset since v2.15.0 (released 21 May 2019)[1]
  • Please add details

See also

OSM logos

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