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LGBTQ advocates mapping friendly spaces and HIV facilities at the 1st ('ata') LGBTQI+ Mapping Party

MapBeks is an online LGBT mapping community, based in the Philippines, that advocates for diversity inclusion and representation focused specifically for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, etc. (LGBTQI+) on OpenStreetMap.

Current Projects:

  1. Mapping in response to the impact of Super Typhoon Rolly - Response has concluded, projects were completed via the HOT Tasking Manager Projects.
  2. Mapping of LGBTQ friendly spaces in the Philippines - In an attempt to assert LGBT rights and representation, MapBeks maps out nominated LGBT safe spaces on QueerMap by qiekub. MapBeks validates the submitted places by calling space owners, and securing a memorandum of agreement to protect all individuals in any form of discrimination. The group then uploads it to OSM afterwards.
  3. HIV facilities mapping in the Philippines
  4. UNMAPPEDPH - an ongoing project that aims to map the most unmapped towns on OSM in the Philippines.
  5. MapBeks' Stories and Stories of Discrimination and Bullying - a project in partnership with Mental Health AWhereness that attempts to map out experiences related to being an LGBT.
  6. Philippine Pet Neuter Clinics Map - partnership project with Spay-Neuter-Inform Project PH (SNIP PH) to map out the location of identified neuter clinics in the Philippines
  7. Tagging of gender-neutral toilets (in-process)


Events hosted and organized
Name of Event Date Location Accomplishment No. of Participants Supported by
1st ('ata') LGBTQI+ Mapping Party 07 Dec 2019 Co.Lab, Kapitolyo, Pasig added 124 HIV facilities and updated 97 database entries 15 participants OSMph-izza Program, Map the Philippines, Pilipinas Chubs X Chasers, LoveYourself
MapBeks Mini-Mapathon 11 Jan 2020 Rm 106 Palma Hall, UP Diliman, Quezon City added 82 HIV facilities and updated 62 database entries 20 participants UP Diliman Department of Geography, OSM Philippines
Red Whistle Workshop 01 Feb 2020 Co.Lab, Kapitolyo, Pasig added 15 HIV facilities and updated 32 database entries 17 participants Supported by The Red Whistle
SlumBEAR Mapping Party 07 Mar 2020 Fahrenheit Cafe, E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City Philippines Updated more than 300 data sets on the HIV database for email addresses and websites 15 participants Partner Org: Pilipinas Chubs X Chasers (PCC)
NOW OPEN: A Mappy Birthday Party 16 Apr 2020 Zoom Webinar Added more than 200 POIs on OpenStreetMap 90 participants Partner Org: Grab PH Map Operations, UP Diliman Department of Geography, The Ministry of Mapping, Map the Philippines
LGBTQIA+ Safe Spaces Mapping Party 10 June 2020 Zoom Webinar Video Link 135 Zoom particpants + 1,600 views on Facebook 56 LGBT organizations and support groups
LGBT Safe Spaces Talk 18 June 2020 Zoom Webinar 87 participants Micro Global Business Services
ScientifiQueer:Taking Pride from Experiences of Filipino LGBTQ+ Scientists 27 June 2020 Zoom Webinar Video Link 22 participants @sciencechatph
Mapping LGBTQ+ Spaces in UP Diliman 29 June 2020 Zoom Webinar Video Link UP Diliman Gender Office and UP Department of Geography
State of the Map 2020 Talk 05 July 2020 Video Link OSM State of the Map 2020
LGBT Safe Spaces Talk 11 July 2020 Zoom Webinar 56 participants Philippine Financial & Inter-Agency Pride
Dumaguete LGBT Safe Spaces Mapping Party 20 July 2020 Zoom Webinar 42 participants Illuminates of Spectra - Siliman University
SOGIESC101 + LGBT Safe Spaces Map Training 05 Sept 2020 Zoom Webinar inducted 156 participants with SOGIESC 101 certificates.

Video Link

205 Zoom participants

35 FB participants

Major Partners: Rotaract Club of Southern City Colleges, PUP SJ Governing League of IT Challengers, QueerMap by Qiekub, Wonder Map PH, Pantay, Ministry of Mapping and 60 more others.
#UNMAPPEDPH: Luzon 03 Oct 2020 Zoom Webinar 47 participants
#UNMAPPEDPH: Visayas 10 Oct 2020 Zoom Webinar 38 participant Bisdak Pride, WonderPH, HIV and AIDS Support House
#UNMAPPEDPH: Mindanao 24 Oct 2020 Zoom Webinar 26 participants Mindanao Pride, Mujer LGBT Organization, WonderPH, HIV and AIDS Support House, University of the Philippines School of Urban and Regional Planning GIS Class 1st Sem AY 2020-2021 c/o Ms. Geomilie Tumamao-Guittap
Pista ng Mapa 2020 Talk Nov 2020 Video Conference Platofrm Presented 3 Lightning talks for LGBT Safe Spaces Mapping, HIV Facilities Mapping, and the UNMAPPEDPH Campaign Pista ng Mapa Community and OSM PH Community
HOT Summit 2020 Talk Dec 2020 Video Conference Platofrm Presented the UNMAPPEDPH Campaign to the HOT OSM community. Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Mapping of LGBT Safe Spaces and Experiences 20 Feb 2021 Zoom Webinar UP Department of Geography
Upcoming and Scheduled Events
Name of Event Target Date Location Target PAX Supporting Groups and Partners
Project Tudlo: HIV/LGBTQ+ Mapping Party (Discontinued due to COVID19) POSTPONED University of Southern Philippines Foundation, Cebu City 80 Partner Org: ReasonForLiving, University of Southern Philippines Foundation

Supporting: HOT Philippines, MapthePhilippines, AidVocates, LoveYourself Whitehouse, Pilipinas Chubs X Chasers (PCC), Cebu United Bears Society (CUBS)

2020 World AIDS Day-tathon (Discontinued) 01 Dec 2020 Video ConferencePlatform 100+ TBA

Tagging Schemes

HIV Facilities in the Philippines - Mapbeks has identified more than 600+ HIV facilities all over the Philippines and is following the tagging convention provided by the Department of Health as: 1) HIV Treatment Hubs, 2) Primary HIV Care facilities, and 3) Identified HIV facilities (only of testing and counselling)

LGBTQ+ spaces

Current Partnerships

  • Mental Health AWHEREness
  • Geoladies PH
  • Ministry of Mapping
  • QueerMap by qiekub
  • iVolunteer PH
  • Queer Hanoi
  • Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Philippines


Year Project Objectives Duration Status
2020 Open Knowledge Foundation 2020 Open Data Day Celebration Microgrant SlumBEAR Party: An Open Data Day Pajama Datathon Data mine email addresses, websites, contact numbers, location of missing HIV facilities in the country March 2020 DONE
2020 OpenStreetMap Foundation 2020 Microgrant Awardees HIV Facilities Mapping in the Philippines on OMS To complete validation and uploading of 650+ HIV facilities on OSM.

To create a web map and online database that is accessible and useable by individuals and stakeholders to support mitigate the spread of AIDS.

July 2020 - July 2021 Ongoing
2020 HOT and Facebook 2020 Community Impact Microgrant Awardee OSM Trainings for LGBT Communities in the Philippines To conduct 3 mapathons for various LGBT organizations in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

To train more than 150+ LGBT volunteers on OSM.

To completely map out buildings and roads in 2-5 towns of the UNMAPPEDPH Project.

September 2020 - December 2020 DONE
2020 Jesse Robredo Foundation Be Like Jesse Grant Awardee Mapping of Remote Communities in Barira and Paglat, Maguindanao Map buildings and roads for the Municipalities of Barira and Paglat in Maguindanao via OpenStreetMap September 2020 - March 2021 Ongoing

Article Features

Year Month Title Published by
2020 January Stand for Truth: Safe spaces para sa LGBT community, nasa mapa na! Stand for Truth GMA 7
2020 January Busina Balita: LGBT Safe Spaces CNN Philippines
2020 March Groups step up to help people living with HIV during coronavirus outbreak Rappler
2020 June Mapping HIV facilities and LGBT-friendly spaces in the Philippines: Open Data Day 2020 report Open Knowledge Foundation
2020 August Queer Spaces in a post-pandemic world - what's that going to look like?
2020 September How You Can Put LGBTQIA+ Safe Spaces on the Map WonderMag PH
2020 September Volunteer armies map 'invisible' communities hit by coronavirus Thomson and Reuters Foundation


  • Carmm Magayanes
  • Johnny Sausa Jr.
  • Ozzy Bacal
  • Reynier Tasico
  • Kimberly Go Tian
  • Beatrice Tan Lim
  • John Allen Motas
  • Raymund Añonuevo
  • Don Liongson
  • Alvin Ricarde
  • Joseph Pada





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