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SCEE screenshot.jpg
SCEE logo.png
Author: Helium314
License: GPL v3 (free of charge)
Platform: Android 5.0+
Status: Active
Version: 56 releases (2024-01-01)
Source code: GitHub
Programming language: Kotlin

OpenStreetMap surveyor app for experienced OSM contributors

Fork of the Android app StreetComplete with some more powerful features which are not usable by newbie or inexperienced mappers, and as result were rejected from the StreetComplete app.
SCEE stands for 'Street Complete expert edition', which was the official name before it was changed "as an attempt to reduce confusion of this fork with original StreetComplete"[1].

Additional quests

SCEE has 32 more quests[2] than StreetComplete (quests list):

  • What's this bench made of? (material=*)
  • What overall color does this building have? (building:colour=*)
  • What overall color does this building's roof have? (roof:colour=*)
  • What is the phone number of this place? (phone=*)
  • What is the website of this place? (website=*)
  • What cuisine does this place have? (cuisine=*)
  • Which beer brands are served here? (brewery=*)
  • What healtcare specialities does this place have? (healthcare:speciality=*)
  • What kind of service building is this? (utility=* and other specific Keys)
  • Who is the operator for this service building? (operator=*)
  • What kind of street cabinet is this%s? (utility=* / street_cabinet=*)
  • What kind of outdoor seating does this place have? (outdoor_seating=*)
  • Which destinations are signed for this road? (destination=*)
  • What kind of artwork is this? (artwork_type=*)
  • What track number is here? (ref=* for railway=platform)
  • What is the Trail Visibility of this way? (trail_visibility=*)
  • What is the genus or species of this tree? (species=* and genus=*)
  • Is this barrier (usually) locked? (locked=*)
  • Is this pharmacy dispensing all prescription drugs? (dispensing=*)
  • What’s the identification number here? (ref=*)
  • What is the name here? (name=*)
  • What is the elevation here? (ele=*)
  • What kind of shelter is this? (shelter_type=*)
  • How wide is the foot path here? (width=*)
  • For which sport is this guidepost intended? (hiking=yes, bicycle=yes, mtb=yes, horse=yes, ski=yes, ...)
  • What is the Via Ferrata Scale of this ferrata? (via_ferrata_scale=*)
  • What kind of map is this? (map_type=*)
  • What area is covered by this map? (map_size=*)
  • How tall is this barrier? (height=*)
  • Is this piste lit here? (piste:lit=*)
  • What is the number of this piste? (piste:ref=*)
  • What is the difficulty of this piste? (piste:difficulty=*)

Other changes

In addition to extra quests, SCEE offers a lot of customizability of UI and quest selection, custom quests and overlays, as well as other changes like the display of Osmose Issues.