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A healthcare facility Edit or translate this description.
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The key healthcare=* is used to map a facility that provides healthcare (part of the healthcare sector).

How to map

Create a node in the center of the building or property and tag it with healthcare=* or add healthcare=* to an area that has building=yes.


Value Description
healthcare=alternative Someone practicing alternative or complementary medicine but is not a medical practitioner or a place where alternative or complementary medicine is practiced that does not fit into the other categories (except healthcare=yes)
healthcare=audiologist Audiologist; if linked with a shop please use shop=hearing_aids instead
healthcare=birthing_center A non-clinical birthing center operated by midwives.
healthcare=blood_bank Blood bank
healthcare=blood_donation A facility where you can donate blood, plasma and/or platelets, and possibly have stem cell samples taken.
healthcare=centre Group of medical practices - unclear how this differs from a clinic or hospital
healthcare=clinic May be used in addition to amenity=clinic.
healthcare=community_health_worker A place where a community_health_worker, a trained member of the community, serves as the primary health care provider.
healthcare=counselling Healthcare counselling
healthcare=dentist May be used in addition to amenity=dentist.
healthcare=dialysis A clinic for day patients to get a hemodialysis Dialysis
healthcare=doctor May be used in addition to amenity=doctors.
healthcare=hospice A Hospice which provides palliative care to terminal ill people and support to their relatives.
healthcare=hospital May be used in addition to amenity=hospital.
healthcare=laboratory Medical laboratory also called (analytical, diagnostic) is a place that analyzes body fluids such as blood, urine, faeces etc .
healthcare=midwife A Midwife, a health professional who cares for mothers and newborns around childbirth.
healthcare=nurse Nursing. A facility where some nurses may receive their patients.
healthcare=occupational_therapist Someone who practices occupational therapy but is not a medical practitioner.
healthcare=optometrist Optometrist; If linked with a shop please use shop=optician instead.
healthcare=pharmacy Rejected tag, but used in addition to amenity=pharmacy by one editor.
healthcare=physiotherapist Someone who practices physical therapy (or kinesiotherapy in French-speaking countries) but is not a | medical practitioner.
healthcare=podiatrist Someone who practices podiatry but is not a Physician on Wikipedia.
healthcare=psychotherapist Someone who practices psychotherapy but is not a Physician on Wikipedia.
healthcare=rehabilitation Medical rehabilitation facility; should not be used for a wellness clinic or hotel.
healthcare=speech_therapist Someone who practices speech and language therapy.
healthcare=yes General healthcare facility. Used only if specifics are unknown. If this value is used, it is recommended to include some details with the description=* or fixme=* key.


healthcare:speciality=* as defined below.

Specialities of medical practitioners or other medical facilities

The speciality of a medical practitioner (informal the doctor) or a medical facility can be tagged using the key healthcare:speciality=*. The following table shows values which could be used in connection with this key. The table was derived from the Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament on the recognition of professional qualifications [1] with additions from Wikipedia.

If a medical practitioner or a medical facility covers several specializations, they could be separated by a semicolon (';') e.g. healthcare:speciality=radiology;radiotherapy

healthcare:speciality=* Description (EN) Belgique / België / Belgien Česká republika Danmark Deutschland Eesti España France Ireland Italia Latvija Lietuva Luxembourg Magyarország Malta Nederland Österreich Polska Portugal Slovenija Slovensko Suomi / Finland Sverige United Kingdom Ελλάς Κύπρος Русский/Russian
healthcare:speciality=allergology Allergology Alergologie a klinická imunologie Medicinsk allergologi eller medicinske overfølsomhedssygdomme Alergología Allergologue Allergologia ed immunologia clinica Alergoloģija Alergologija ir klinikinė imunologija Allergológia és klinikai immunológia Allergologie en inwendige geneeskunde Alergologia Imuno-alergologia Klinická imunológia a alergológia Allergisjukdomar Αλλεργιoλoγία Αλλεργιολογία Аллергология
healthcare:speciality=anatomy Anatomy Anatomie
healthcare:speciality=anaesthetics Anaesthetics Anesthésie-réanimation / Anesthesie reanimatie Anesteziologie a resuscitace Anæstesiologi Anästhesiologie Anestesioloogia Anestesiología y Reanimación Anesthésiologie-Réanimation chirurgicale Anaesthesia Anestesia e rianimazione Anestezioloģija un reanimatoloģija Anesteziologija reanimatologija Anesthésie-réanimation Aneszteziológia és intenzív terápia Anesteżija u Kura Intensiva Anesthesiologie Anästhesiologie und Intensivmedizin Anestezjologia i intensywna terapia Anestesiologia Anesteziologija, reanimatologija in perioperativna intenzivna medicina Anestéziológia a intenzívna medicína Anestesiologia ja tehohoito / Anestesiologi och intensivvård Anestesi och intensivvård Anaesthetics Αvαισθησιoλoγία Αναισθησιολογία Анестезиология и реанимация
healthcare:speciality=biochemistry Biological chemistry Klinická biochemie Klinisk biokemi Laboratoriumsmedizin Bioquímica clínica Biochimie Chemical pathology Biochimica clinica Chimie biologique Patoloġija Kimika Klinische chemie Medizinische und Chemische Labordiagnostik Medicinska biokemija Klinická biochémia Kliininen kemia / Klinisk kemi Klinisk kemi Chemical pathology
healthcare:speciality=biological_haematology Biological haematology Klinisk blodtypeserologi Hématologie Hématologie biologique Hematologia clinica Гематология
healthcare:speciality=biology Clinical biology Biologie clinique / Klinische biologie Laborimeditsiin Análisis clínicos Biologie médicale Patologia clinica Laboratorinė medicina Biologie clinique Orvosi laboratóriumi diagnosztika Medizinische Biologie Diagnostyka laboratoryjna Patologia clínica Laboratórna medicína Χειρουργική Θώρακος Лабораторная медицина
healthcare:speciality=cardiology Cardiology Cardiologie Kardiologie Kardiologi Innere Medizin und Schwerpunkt Kardiologie Kardioloogia Cardiología Pathologie cardio-vasculaire Cardiology Cardiologia Kardioloģija Kardiologija Cardiologie et angiologie Kardiológia Kardjoloġija Cardiologie Kardiologia Cardiologia Kardiológia Kardiologia / Kardiologi Kardiologi Cardiology Καρδιoλoγία Καρδιολογία Кардиология
healthcare:speciality=cardiac_surgery Cardiac surgery Cirugía Cardíaca Chirurgie cardiaque Кардиохирургия
healthcare:speciality=child_psychiatry Child psychiatry Psychiatrie infanto-juvénile / Kinder- en jeugdpsychiatrie Dětská a dorostová psychiatrie Børne- og ungdomspsykiatri Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie und -psychotherapie Psiquiatría infantil Pédo-psychiatrie Child and adolescent psychiatry Neuropsichiatria infantile Bērnu psihiatrija Vaikų i rpaauglių psichiatrija Psychiatrie infantile Gyermek-és ifjúságpszichiátria Psychiatria dzieci i młodzieży Pedopsiquiatria Otroška in mladostniška psihiatrija Detská psychiatria Lastenpsykiatria / Barnpsykiatri Barn- och ungdomspsykiatri Child and adolescent psychiatry Παιδoψυχιατρική Παιδοψυχιατρική Детская психиатрия
healthcare:speciality=community Community medicine Hygiena a epidemiologie Samfundsmedicin Öffentliches Gesundheitswesen Medicina preventiva y salud pública Santé publique et médecine sociale Public health medicine Igiene e medicina preventiva Santé publique Megelőző orvostan és népegészségtan Saħħa Pubblika Maatschappij en gezondheid Sozialmedizin Zdrowie publiczne, epidemiologia Saúde pública Javno zdravje Verejné zdravotníctvo Terveydenhuolto / Hälsovård Socialmedicin Public health medicine Κοινωνική Iατρική Υγειονολογία / Κοινοτική Ιατρική Гигиена и эпидемиология
healthcare:speciality=dental_oral_maxillo_facial_surgery Dental, oral and maxillo-facial surgery (basic medical and dental training) Stomatologie et chirurgie orale et maxillo-faciale / Stomatologie en mond-, kaak- en aangezichtschirurgie Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie Cirugía dental, oral y máxilofacial Oral and maxillo-facial surgery Chirurgie dentaire, orale et maxillo-faciale Arc-állcsont-szájsebészet Kirurġija tal-għadam tal-wiċċ Suu- ja leukakirurgia / Oral och maxillofacial kirurgi Oral and maxillo-facial surgery Στοµατο-Γναθο-Προσωποχειρουργική Челюстно-лицевая хирургия
healthcare:speciality=dermatology Dermatology Dermatología Dermatologie Dermatology Dermatoloġija Dermatology Дерматология
healthcare:speciality=dermatovenereology Dermato-venereology Dermato-vénéréologie / Dermato-venerologie Dermatovenerologie Dermato-venerologi eller hud- og kønssygdomme Haut- und Geschlechtskrankheiten Dermatoveneroloogia Dermatología médico-quirúrgica y venereología Dermatologie et vénéréologie Dermatologia e venerologia Dermatoloģija un veneroloģija Dermatovenerologija Dermato-vénéréologie Bőrgyógyászat Dermato-venerejoloġija Dermatologie en venerologie Haut- und Geschlechtskrankheiten Dermatologia i wenerologia Dermatovenereologia Dermatovenerologija Dermatovenerológia Ihotaudit ja allergologia / Hudsjukdomar och allergologi Hud- och könssjukdomar ∆ερµατoλoγία —Αφρoδισιoλoγία ∆ερµατολογία —Αφροδισιολογία Дерматовенерология
healthcare:speciality=diagnostic_radiology Diagnostic radiology Radiodiagnostic / Röntgendiagnose Radiologie a zobrazovací metody Diagnostik radiologi eller røntgenundersøgelse (Diagnostische) Radiologie Radioloogia Radiodiagnóstico Radiodiagnostic et imagerie médicale Diagnostic radiology Radiodiagnostica Diagnostiskā radioloģija Radiologija Radiodiagnostic Radiológia Radjoloġija Radiologie Medizinische Radiologie-Diagnostik Radiologia i diagnostyka obrazowa Radiodiagnóstico Radiologija Rádiológia Radiologia / Radiologi Medicinsk radiologi Clinical radiology Ακτιvoδιαγvωστική Ακτινολογία Лучевая диагностика
healthcare:speciality=emergency Accident and emergency medicine Traumatologie Urgentní medicína Emergencias Emergency medicine Traumatológia Mediċina tal-Aċċidenti u l-Emerġenza Medycyna ratunkowa Úrazová chirurgia
Urgent námedicína
Accident and emergency medicine Скорая и неотложная помощь
healthcare:speciality=endocrinology Endocrinology Endokrinologie Medicinsk endokrinologi eller medicinske hormonsygdomme Innere Medizin und Schwerpunkt Endokrinologie und Diabetologie Endokrinoloogia Endocrinología, enfermedades del metabólismo y/o Diabetes Endocrinologie, maladies métaboliques Endocrinology and diabetes mellitus Endocrinologia e malattie del ricambio Endokrinoloģija Endokrinologija Endocrinologie, maladies du métabolisme et de la nutrition Endokrinológia Endokrinoloġija u Dijabete Endokrynologia Endocrinologia Endokrinológia Endokrinologia / Endokrinologi Endokrinasjukdomar Endocrinology and diabetes mellitus Εvδoκριvoλoγία Ενδοκρινολογία Эндокринология
healthcare:speciality=gastroenterological_surgery Gastroenterological surgery Chirurgie abdominale / Heelkunde op het abdomen Kirurgisk gastroenterologi eller kirurgiske mave-tarmsygdomme Visceralchirurgie Cirugía del aparato digestivo Chirurgie viscérale et digestive Chirurgia dell'apparato digerente Abdominalinė chirurgija Chirurgie gastro-entérologique Abdominalna kirurgija Gastroenterologická chirurgia Gastroenterologinen kirurgia / Gastroenterologisk kirurgi Абдоминальная хирургия
healthcare:speciality=gastroenterology Gastroenterology Gastro-entérologie / Gastroenterologie Gastroenterologie Medicinsk gastroenterologi eller medicinske mavetarmsygdomme Innere Medizin und Schwerpunkt Gastroenterologie Gastroenteroloogia Aparatodigestivo Gastro-entérologie et hépatologie Gastro-enterology Gastroenterologia Gastroenteroloģija Gastroenterologija Gastro-enterologie Gasztroenterológia Gastroenteroloġija Leer van maag-darm-leverziekten Gastrenterologia Gastrenterologia Gastroenterologija Gastroenterológia Gastroenterologia / Gastroenterologi Medicinsk gastroenterologi och hepatologi Gastro-enterology Γαστρεvτερoλoγία Γαστρεντερολογία Гастроэнтерология
healthcare:speciality=general general practitioner or general hospital Allgemeinmedizin Clínica médica Médecin généraliste Семейная медицина
healthcare:speciality=geriatrics Geriatrics Geriatrie Geriatri eller alderdommens sygdomme Geriatrie Geriatría Gériatrie Geriatric medicine Geriatria Geriatrija Gériatrie Geriátria Ġerjatrija Klinische geriatrie Geriatria Geriatria Geriatria / Geriatri Geriatrik Geriatrics Γηριατρική Гериатрия
healthcare:speciality=gynaecology Obstetrics and Gynaecology Gynécologie—obstétrique / Gynaecologie en verloskunde Gynekologie a porodnictví Gynækologi og obstetrik eller kvindesygdomme og fødselshjælp Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe Sünnitusabi ja günekoloogia Obstetricia y ginecología Gynécologie—obstétrique Obstetrics and gynaecology Ginecologia e ostetricia Ginekoloģija un dzemdniecība Akušerija ginekologija Gynécologie—obstétrique Szülészet-nőgyógyászat Ostetriċja u Ġinekoloġija Verloskunde en gynaecologie Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe Położnictwo i ginekologia Ginecologia e obstetrícia Ginekologija in porodništvo Gynekológia a pôrodníctvo Naistentaudit ja synnytykset / Kvinnosjukdomar och förlossningar Obstetrik och gynekologi Obstetrics and gynaecology Μαιευτική-Γυvαικoλoγία Μαιευτική —Γυναικολογία Гинекология
healthcare:speciality=haematology General Haematology Hematologie a transfúzní lékařství Hæmatologi eller blodsygdomme Innere Medizin und Schwerpunkt Hämatologie und Onkologie Hematoloogia Hematología y hemoterapia Hématologie Haematology (clinical and laboratory) Ematologia Hematoloģija Hematologija Hématologie Haematológia Ematoloġija Hematologia Imuno-hemoterapia Hematológia a transfúziológia Kliininen hematologia / Klinisk hematologi Hematologi Haematology Αιµατoλoγία Αιµατολογία Гематология и трансфузиология
healthcare:speciality=hepatology Hepatology Hepatologie, Teilgebiet der Gastroenterologie Гепатология
healthcare:speciality=immunology Immunology Alergologie a klinická imunologie Klinisk immunologi Immunología Immunology (clinical and laboratory) Imunoloģija Immunologie Allergológia és klinikai immunológia Immunoloġija Immunologie Immunologia kliniczna Klinická imunológia a alergológia Klinisk immunologi Immunology Ανοσολογία Иммунология
healthcare:speciality=infectious_diseases Communicable diseases Infekční lékařství Infektionsmedicin Infektsioonhaigused Enfermedades infecciosas Infectious diseases Malattie infettive Infektoloģija Infektologija Maladies contagieuses Infektológia Mard Infettiv Choroby zakaźne Infecciologia Infektologija Infektológia Infektiosairaudet / Infektionssjukdomar Infektionssjukdomar Infectious diseases Λοιµώδη Νοσήµατα Инфекционные болезни
healthcare:speciality=intensive Intensive-care medicine Intensiv-Pflege Cuidados intensivos Réanimation
healthcare:speciality=internal General (internal) medicine Médecine interne / Inwendige geneeskunde Vnitřní lékařství Intern medicin Innere Medizin Sisehaigused Medicina interna Médecine interne General medicine Medicin ainterna Internā medicīna Vidaus ligos Médecine interne Belgyógyászat Mediċina Interna Interne geneeskunde Innere Medizin Choroby wewnętrzne Medicina interna Interna medicina Vnútorné lekárstvo Sisätaudit / Inre medicin Internmedicin General(internal)medicine Παθoλoγία Παθoλoγία Внутренние болезни
healthcare:speciality=maxillofacial_surgery Maxillo-facial surgery (basic medical training) Maxilofaciální chirurgie Mund- Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie Cirugía máxilofacial Chirurgie maxillo-faciale et stomatologie Chirurgia maxillo-facciale Mutes, sejas un žokļu ķirurģija Veido ir žandikaulių chirurgija Chirurgie maxillo-faciale Szájsebészet Mund- Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie Chirurgia szczekowo-twarzowa Cirurgia maxilo-facial Maxilofaciálna kirurgija Maxilofaciálna chirurgia Челюстно-лицевая хирургия
healthcare:speciality=microbiology Microbiology-bacteriology Lékařská mikrobiologie Klinisk mikrobiologi Mikrobiologie (Virologie) und Infektionsepidemiologie Microbiología y parasitología Microbiology Microbiologia e virologia Mikrobioloģija Microbiologie Orvosi mikrobiológia Mikrobijoloġija Medische microbiologie Hygiene und Mikrobiologie Mikrobiologia lekarska Klinična mikrobiologija Klinická mikrobiológia Kliininen mikrobiologia / Klinisk mikrobiologi Klinisk bakteriologi Medical microbiology and virology 1.Iατρική Βιoπαθoλoγία
Μικροβιολογία Микробиология (Бактериология)
healthcare:speciality=nephrology Renal diseases Nefrologie Nefrologi eller medicinske nyresygdomme Innere Medizin und Schwerpunkt Nephrologie Nefroloogia Nefrología Néphrologie Nephrology Nefrologia Nefroloģija Nefrologija Néphrologie Nefrológia Nefroloġija Nefrologia Nefrologia Nefrologija Nefrológia Nefrologia / Nefrologi Medicinska njursjukdomar (nefrologi) Renal medicine Νεφρoλoγία Νεφρολογία Нефрология
healthcare:speciality=neurology Neurology Neurologie Neurologie Neurologi eller medicinske nervesygdomme Neurologie Neuroloogia Neurología Neurologie Neurology Neurologia Neiroloģija Neurologija Neurologie Neurológia Newroloġija Neurologie Neurologie Neurologia Neurologia Nevrologija Neurológia Neurologia / Neurologi Neurologi Neurology Νευρoλoγία Νευρολογία Неврология
healthcare:speciality=neurophysiology Clinical neurophysiology Klinisk neurofysiologi Neurofisiología clínica Clinical neurophysiology Newrofiżjoloġija Klinika Kliininen neurofysiologia / Klinisk neurofysiologi Klinisk neurofysiologi Clinical neurophysiology Нейрофизиология
healthcare:speciality=neuropsychiatry Neuropsychiatry Neuropsychiatrie Nervenheilkunde (Neurologie und Psychiatrie) Neurosiquiatría Neuropsychiatrie Neuropsichiatria Neuropsychiatrie Zenuw- en zielsziekten Neurologie und Psychiatrie Neuropsychiatria Νευρoλoγία —Ψυχιατρική Νευρολογία —Ψυχιατρική Нейропсихиатрия
healthcare:speciality=neurosurgery Neurological surgery Neurochirurgie Neurochirurgie Neurokirurgi eller kirurgiske nervesygdomme Neurochirurgie Neurokirurgia Neurocirugía Neurochirurgie Neurosurgery Neurochirurgia Neiroķirurģija Neurochirurgija Neurochirurgie Idegsebészet Newrokirurġija Neurochirurgie Neurochirurgie Neurochirurgia Neurocirurgia Nevrokirurgija Neurochirurgia Neurokirurgia / Neurokirurgi Neurokirurgi Neurosurgery Νευρoχειρoυργική Νευροχειρουργική Нейрохирургия
healthcare:speciality=nuclear Nuclear medicine Médecine nucléaire / Nucleaire geneeskunde Nukleární medicína Klinisk fysiologi og nuklearmedicin Nuklearmedizin Medicina nuclear Médecine nucléaire Medicina nucleare Médecine nucléaire Nukleáris medicina (izotóp diagnosztika) MediċinaNukleari Nucleaire geneeskunde Nuklearmedizin Medycyna nuklearna Medicinanuclear Nuklearna medicina Nukleárna medicína Kliininen fysiologia ja isotooppilääketiede / Klinisk fysiologi och nukleärmedicin Nukleärmedicin Nuclear medicine Πυρηvική Iατρική Πυρηνική Ιατρική Ядерная медицина
healthcare:speciality=occupational Occupational medicine Médecine du travail / Arbeidsgeneeskunde Pracovní lékařství Arbejdsmedicin Arbeitsmedizin / Ergotherapie Medicina del trabajo Médecine du travail Occupational medicine Medicina del lavoro Arodslimības Darbo medicina Médecine du travail Foglalkozás-orvostan (üzemorvostan) Mediċina Okkupazzjonali —Arbeid en gezondheid, bedrijfsgeneeskunde
—Arbeid en gezondheid, verzekeringsgeneeskunde
Arbeits- und Betriebsmedizin / Ergotherapie Medycyna pracy Medicina do trabalho Medicina dela, prometa in športa Pracovné lekárstvo Työterveyshuolto / Företagshälsovård Yrkes- och miljömedicin Occupational medicine Iατρική της Εργασίας Ιατρική της Εργασίας Профессиональные болезни
healthcare:speciality=oncology Oncology Oncologie Онкология
healthcare:speciality=ophthalmology Ophthalmology (vision/eye disorder) Ophtalmologie / Oftalmologie Oftalmologie Oftalmologi eller øjensygdomme Augenheilkunde / Augenarzt Oftalmoloogia Oftalmología Ophtalmologie Ophthalmic surgery Oftalmologia Oftalmoloģija Oftalmologija Ophtalmologie Szemészet Oftalmoloġija Oogheelkunde Augenheilkunde und Optometrie Okulistyka Oftalmologia Oftalmologija Oftalmológia Silmätaudit / Ögonsjukdomar Ögonsjukdomar (oftalmologi) Ophthalmology Οφθαλµoλoγία Οφθαλµολογία Офтальмология
healthcare:speciality=orthodontics Orthodontics (teeth alignment) Kieferorthopäde Ortodoncia Orthodontics
healthcare:speciality=orthopaedics Orthopaedics Chirurgie orthopédique / Orthopedische heelkunde Ortopedie Ortopædisk kirurgi Orthopädie (und Unfallchirurgie) Ortopeedia Cirugía ortopédica y traumatología Chirurgie orthopédique et traumatologie Trauma and orthopaedic surgery Ortopedia e traumatologia Traumatoloģija un ortopēdija Ortopedija traumatologija Orthopédie Ortopédia Kirurġija Ortopedika Orthopedie Orthopädie und Orthopädische Chirurgie Ortopedia i traumatologia narządu ruchu Ortopedia Ortopedska kirurgija Ortopédia Ortopedia ja traumatologia / Ortopedi och traumatologi Ortopedi Trauma and orthopaedic surgery Ορθoπεδική Ορθοπεδική Ортопедия
healthcare:speciality=otolaryngology Otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, throat disorder) Oto-rhino-laryngologie / Otorhinolaryngologie Otorinolaryngologie Oto-rhino-laryngologi eller øre-næse-halssygdomme Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde Otorinolarüngoloogia Otorrinolaringología Oto-rhino-laryngologie Otolaryngology Otorinolaringoiatria Otolaringoloģija Otorinolaringologija Oto-rhino-laryngologie Fül-orr-gégegyógyászat Otorinolaringoloġija Keel-, neus- en oorheelkunde Hals-, Nasen- und Ohrenkrankheiten Otorynolaryngologia Otorrinolaringologia Otorinolaringológija Otorinolaryngológia Korva-, nenä- ja kurkkutaudit / Öron-, näs- och halssjukdomar Öron-, näs- och halssjukdomar (oto-rhino-laryngologi) Otolaryngology Ωτoριvoλαρυγγoλoγία Ωτορινολαρυγγολογία Отоларингология (ЛОР)
healthcare:speciality=paediatric_surgery Paediatric surgery Dětská chirurgie Kinderchirurgie Lastekirurgia Cirugía pediátrica Chirurgie infantile Paediatric surgery Chirurgia pediatrica Bērnu ķirurģija Vaikų chirurgija Chirurgie pédiatrique Gyermeksebészet Kirurgija Pedjatrika Kinderchirurgie Chirurgia dziecięca Cirurgia pediátrica Detská chirurgia Lastenkirurgia / Barnkirurgi Barn- och ungdomskirurgi Paediatric surgery Χειρoυργική Παίδωv Χειρουργική Παίδων Детская хирургия
healthcare:speciality=paediatrics Paediatrics Pédiatrie / Pediatrie Dětské lékařství Pædiatri eller sygdomme hos børn Kinder- und Jugendmedizin Pediaatria Pediatría y sus árease specíficas Pédiatrie Paediatrics Pédiatria Pediatrija Vaikųligos Pédiatrie Csecsemő- és gyermekgyógyászat Pedjatrija Kindergeneeskunde Kinder- und Jugendheilkunde Pediatria Pediatria Pediatrija Pediatria Lastentaudit / Barnsjukdomar Barn- och ungdomsmedicin Paediatrics Παιδιατρική Παιδιατρική Педиатрия
healthcare:speciality=palliative Palliative care Medicina Paliativa o Cuidados Paliativos Soins paliatifs Общий уход за больными
healthcare:speciality=pathology Pathological anatomy Anatomie pathologique / Pathologische anatomie Patologická anatomie Patologisk anatomi eller vævs- og celleundersøgelser Pathologie Patoloogia Anatomía patológica Anatomie et cytologie pathologiques Morbid anatomy and histopathology Anatomia patologica Patoloģija Patologija Anatomie pathologique Patológia Istopatoloġija Pathologie Pathologie Patomorfologia Anatomia patologica Anatomska patologija in citopatologija Patologická anatómia Patologia / Patologi Klinisk patologi Histopathology Παθoλoγική Αvατoµική Παθολογοανατοµία —Ιστολογία Патанатомия
healthcare:speciality=pharmacology Pharmacology Klinická farmakologie Klinisk farmakologi Pharmakologie und Toxikologie Farmacología clínica Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics Farmacologia Klinikai farmakológia Farmakoloġija Klinika u t-Terapewtika Pharmakologie und Toxikologie Farmakologia kliniczna Klinická farmakológia Kliininen farmakologia ja lääkehoito / Klinisk farmakologi och läkemedelsbehandling Kliniskfarmakologi Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics Фармакология
healthcare:speciality=physiatry Physical medicine and rehabilitation Médecine physique et réadaptation / Fysische geneeskunde en revalidatie Rehabilitační a fyzikální medicína Physikalische und Rehabilitative Medizin Taastusravi ja füsiaatria Medicina física y rehabilitación Rééducation et réadaptation fonctionnelles Medicina fisica e riabilitazione Rehabilitoloģija Fiziskā rehabilitācija Fizikālā medicīna Fizinė medicina ir reabilitacija Rééducation et réadaptation fonctionnelles Fizioterápia Revalidatiegeneeskunde Physikalische Medizin Rehabilitacja medyczna Fisiatria ou Medicina física e de reabilitação Fizikalna in rehabilitacijska medicina Fyziatria, balneológia a liečebná rehabilitácia Fysiatria / Fysiatri Rehabiliteringsmedicin Φυσική Iατρική και Απoκατάσταση Φυσική Ιατρική και Αποκατάσταση Реабилитация
healthcare:speciality=plastic_surgery Plastic surgery Chirurgie plastique, reconstructrice et esthétique / Plastische, reconstructieve en esthetische heelkunde Plastická chirurgie Plastikkirurgi Plastische (und Ästhetische) Chirurgie Plastika- ja rekonstruktiivkirurgia Cirugía plástica, estética y reparadora Chirurgie plastique, reconstructrice et esthétique Plastic surgery Chirurgia plastica e ricostruttiva Plastiskā ķirurģija Plastinė ir rekonstrukcinė chirurgija Chirurgie plastique Plasztikai (égési) sebészet Kirurġija Plastika Plastische Chirurgie Plastische Chirurgie Chirurgia plastyczna Cirurgia plástica e reconstrutiva Plastična, rekonstrukcijska in estetska kirurgija Plastická chirurgia Plastiikkakirurgia / Plastikkirurgi Plastikkirurgi Plastic surgery Πλαστική Χειρoυργική Πλαστική Χειρουργική Пластическая хирургия
healthcare:speciality=podiatry Podiatry Podiatry Podiatry
healthcare:speciality=proctology Colorectal surgery Proctología o Cirugía Colorrectal Колопроктология
healthcare:speciality=psychiatry Psychiatry Psychiatrie de l'adulte / Volwassen psychiatrie Psychiatrie Psykiatri Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie Psühhiaatria Psiquiatría Psychiatrie Psychiatry Psichiatria Psihiatrija Psichiatrija Psychiatrie Pszichiátria Psikjatrija Psychiatrie Psychiatrie Psychiatria Psiquiatria Psihiatrija Psychiatria Psykiatria / Psykiatri Psykiatri General psychiatry Ψυχιατρική Ψυχιατρική Психиатрия
healthcare:speciality=pulmonology Respiratory medicine Pneumologie Tuberkulóza a respirační nemoci Medicinske lungesygdomme Pneumologie Pulmonoloogia Neumología Pneumologie Respiratory medicine Malattie dell'apparato respiratorio Ftiziopneimonoloģija Pulmonologija Pneumologie Tüdőgyógyászat Mediċina Respiratorja Longziekten en tuberculose Lungenkrankheiten Choroby płuc Pneumologia Pnevmologija Pneumológia a ftizeológia Keuhkosairaudet ja allergologia / Lungsjukdomar och allergologi Lungsjukdomar(pneumologi) Respiratorymedicine Φυµατιoλoγία- Πvευµovoλoγία Πνευµονολογία — Φυµατιολογία Пульмонология
healthcare:speciality=radiology Radiology Radiologie Electrorradiología Radiologie médicale Radiology Radiologia Électroradiologie Radiológia Radiologie Radiologie Radiologia Ακτιvoλoγία —Ραδιoλoγία Радиология
healthcare:speciality=radiotherapy Radiotherapy Radiothérapie-oncologie / Radiotherapie-oncologie Radiační onkologie Onkologi Strahlentherapie Onkoloogia Oncología radioterápica Oncologie radiothérapique Radiation oncology Radioterapia Terapeitiskā radioloģija Onkologija radioterapija Radiothérapie Sugárterápia Onkoloġija u Radjoterapija Radiotherapie Strahlentherapie - Radioonkologie Radioterapia onkologiczna Radioterapia Radioterapija in onkologija Radiačná onkológia Syöpätaudit / Cancersjukdomar Tumörsjukdomar (allmän onkologi) Clinical oncology Ακτιvoθεραπευτική — Ογκολογία Ακτινοθεραπευτική Ογκολογία Лучевая терапия
healthcare:speciality=rheumatology Rheumatology Rhumathologie / reumatologie Revmatologie Reumatologi Innere Medizin und Schwerpunkt Rheumatologie Reumatoloogia Reumatología Rhumatologie Rheumatology Reumatologia Reimatoloģija Reumatologija Rhumatologie Reumatológia Rewmatoloġija Reumatologie Reumatologia Reumatologia Reumatológia Reumatologia / Reumatologi Reumatologi Rheumatology Ρευµατoλoγία Ρευµατολογία Ревматология
healthcare:speciality=stomatology Stomatology Estomatología Stomatologie Odontostomatologia Stomatologie Estomatologia Стоматология
healthcare:speciality=surgery General surgery Chirurgie / Heelkunde Chirurgie Kirurgi elsler kirurgiske sygdomme (Allgemeine) Chirurgie Üldkirurgia Cirugía general y del aparato digestivo Chirurgie générale General surgery Chirurgia generale Ķirurģija Chirurgija Chirurgie générale Sebészet Kirurġija Ġenerali Heelkunde Chirurgie Chirurgia ogólna Cirurgia geral Splošna kirurgija Chirurgia Yleiskirurgia / Allmän kirurgi Kirurgi General surgery Χειρoυργική Γενική Χειρουργική Общая хирургия
healthcare:speciality=surgical_oncology Surgical oncology Cirugía oncológica Хирургическая онкология
healthcare:speciality=thoracic_surgery Thoracic surgery Chirurgie thoracique / Heelkunde op de thorax Kardiochirurgie Thoraxkirurgi eller brysthulens kirurgiske sygdomme Thoraxchirurgie Torakaalkirurgia Cirugía torácica Chirurgie thoracique et cardiovasculaire Thoracic surgery Chirurgia toracica; Cardiochirurgia Torakālā ķirurģija Krūtinės chirurgija Chirurgie thoracique Mellkassebészet Kirurġija Kardjo-Toraċika Cardio-thoracale chirurgie Chirurgia klatki piersiowej Cirurgia cardiotorácica Torakalna kirurgija Hrudníková chirurgia Sydän-ja rintaelinkirurgia / Hjärt- och thoraxkirurgi Thoraxkirurgi Cardo-thoracic surgery Χειρουργική Θώρακος Χειρουργική Θώρακος Торакальная хирургия
healthcare:speciality=transplant Transplant surgery Cirugía de transplantes Трансплантология
healthcare:speciality=trauma Trauma surgery Traumatología Травматология
healthcare:speciality=tropical Tropical medicine Medicina tropical Médecine tropicale Tropical medicine Medicina tropicale Trópusi betegségek Spezifische Prophylaxe und Tropenhygiene Medycyna transportu Medicina tropical Tropická medicína Tropical medicine
healthcare:speciality=urology Urology Urologie Urologie Urologi eller urinvejenes kirurgiske sygdomme Urologie Uroloogia Urología Urologie Urology Urologia Uroloģija Urologija Urologie Urológia Uroloġija Urologie Urologie Urologia Urologia Urologija Urológia Urologia / Urologi Urologi Urology Ουρoλoγία Ουρολογία Урология
healthcare:speciality=vascular_surgery Vascular surgery Chirurgie des vaisseaux / Bloedvatenheelkunde Cévníchirurgie Karkirurgi eller kirurgiske blodkarsygdomme Gefäßchirurgie Kardiovaskulaarkirurgia Angiología y cirugía vascular Chirurgie vasculaire Chirurgia vascolare Asinsvadu ķirurģija Kraujagyslių chirurgija Chirurgie vasculaire Érsebészet Kirurġija Vaskolari Chirurgia naczyniowa Cirurgia vascular Kardiovaskularna kirurgija Cievna chirurgia Verisuonikirurgia / Kärlkirurgi Αγγειoχειρoυργική Χειρουργική Αγγείων Сосудистая хирургия
healthcare:speciality=vaccination Vaccination centre
healthcare:speciality=venereology Venereology Medicina urogenital / Infecciones de transmisión sexual Vénérologie Genito-urinary medicine Mediċina Uro-ġenetali Genito-urinary medicine Венерология

Specialities for healthcare=clinic

value description
healthcare:speciality=abortion Abortion clinic
healthcare:speciality=fertility Fertility clinic

Specialities for healthcare=psychotherapist

Different schools and approaches of psychotherapy may be tagged using healthcare:speciality=*. May also be used for healthcare=doctor and other healthcare=*.

value description
healthcare:speciality=behavior Behavior oriented psychotherapy
healthcare:speciality=body Body oriented psychotherapy
healthcare:speciality=depth psychotherapy based on Depth psychology, e.g. Psychoanalysis
healthcare:speciality=humanistic psychotherapy based on Humanistic psychology
healthcare:speciality=other psychotherapy that does not fit into the other categories, e.g. Art therapy
healthcare:speciality=systemic Systemic therapy

Specialities for healthcare=laboratory

value description
healthcare:speciality=biology Biology - non-specific
healthcare:speciality=blood_check Blood test
healthcare:speciality=clinical_pathology Clinical pathology

Specialities for healthcare=alternative

May also be used for healthcare=doctor and other healthcare=*.

value description
healthcare:speciality=acupuncture Acupuncture
healthcare:speciality=anthroposophical Anthroposophic medicine
healthcare:speciality=applied_kinesiology Applied kinesiology
healthcare:speciality=aromatherapy Aromatherapy
healthcare:speciality=ayurveda Ayurveda
healthcare:speciality=chiropractic Chiropractic
healthcare:speciality=herbalism Herbalism (See also: shop=herbalist).
healthcare:speciality=homeopathy Homeopathy
healthcare:speciality=hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy
healthcare:speciality=hypnosis Hypnosis
healthcare:speciality=naturopathy Naturopathy
healthcare:speciality=osteopathy Osteopathy
healthcare:speciality=reflexology Reflexology
healthcare:speciality=reiki Reiki
healthcare:speciality=shiatsu Shiatsu
healthcare:speciality=traditional_chinese_medicine Traditional Chinese medicine
healthcare:speciality=tuina Tuī ná
healthcare:speciality=unani Unani medicine

Specialities for healthcare=counselling

What types of counselling are offered.

value description
healthcare:counselling=addiction addiction counselling for drugs like alcohol
healthcare:counselling=antenatal pregnancy and antenatal counselling
healthcare:counselling=dietitian dietitian
healthcare:counselling=nutrition nutrition
healthcare:counselling=sexual sexual


Not currently rendered. See PR (#3731 – Revert rendering of healthcare key) to suspend the rendering of healthcare=* for problems with areas tagged with healthcare=* not being in the rendering database yet. Now rendering on the OSM website depends on this request.


  • for a node
healthcare=yes name=John Doe
healthcare=dentist name=Jane Doe
  • for a building
healthcare=yes building=yes name=John Doe
healthcare=dentist building=yes name=Jane Doe

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