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利用できる言語 — Key:healthcare
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Public-images-osm logo.svg healthcare
健康維持のための施設全般 編集
グループ: 施設
ノードに使用可能use on ways unspecified領域に使用可能use on relations unspecified
状態:承認Page for proposal


A key to tag all places that provide healthcare (are part of the healthcare sector).


Create a node in the center of the building or property and tag it with healthcare=* or add healthcare=* to to an area that has building=yes. If you don't know what kind of healthcare is being provided, you can just use healthcare=yes.

healthcare=alternative someone practicing alternative or complementary medicine but is not a medical practitioner or a place where alternative or complementary medicine is practiced that does not fit into the other categories (except healthcare=yes)
healthcare=audiologist Audiologist; if linked with a shop please use shop=hearing_aids instead
healthcare=blood_bank Blood bank
healthcare=blood_donation 献血所。血液、血漿、血小板を寄付できる施設で、おそらく幹細胞のサンプルも取得します。
healthcare=centre group of medical practices
healthcare=clinic clinic or polyclinic
healthcare=dentist amenity=dentist に加えて用いられることがあります。
healthcare=doctor 医師の事務所(診療所) — doctor of medicine, medical doctor, または単に doctor とも呼ばれます。
amenity=doctors に加えて用いられることがあります。
healthcare=hospital amenity=hospital に加えて用いられることがあります。
healthcare=midwife midwife.
healthcare=occupational_therapist Someone who practices occupational therapy but is not a medical practitioner.
healthcare=optometrist optometrist; If linked with a shop please use shop=optician instead.
healthcare=physiotherapist Someone who practices physical therapy (or kinesiotherapy in French-speaking countries) but is not a medical practitioner.
healthcare=podiatrist Someone who practices podiatry but is not a medical practitioner.
healthcare=psychotherapist Someone who practices psychotherapy but is not a medical practitioner.
healthcare=rehabilitation medical rehabilitation facility; should not be used for a wellness clinic or hotel
healthcare=speech_therapist Someone who practices speech and language therapy.
healthcare=yes General healthcare facility. To be used only if specifics are unknown or can not be covered by the tagging schema. If this value is used, it is recommended to include some details with the description=* or fixme=* key.


healthcare:speciality=* as defined below.

Specialities of medical practitioners or other medical facilities

The speciality of a medical practitioner (informal the doctor) or a medical facility can be tagged using the key healthcare:speciality=*. The following table shows values which could be used in connection with this key. The table is derived from the Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament on the recognition of professional qualifications [1]. (With additions from Wikipedia.)

The first column of the table shows the proposed value.

The second and third columns show a short description of the respective field of specialization. These terms are taken from the column headings of section 5.1.3 in the german resp. english version of the EU directive. The remaining columns show the officially recognized titles for medical specializations in the different countries within the EU.

If a medical practitioner or a medical facility covers several specializations, they could be separated by a semicolon (';') e.g. healthcare:speciality=radiology;radiotherapy

healthcare:speciality=* 説明(英語) 日本語
healthcare:speciality=allergology Allergology アレルギー科
healthcare:speciality=anatomy Anatomy 解剖学
healthcare:speciality=anaesthetics Anaesthetics 麻酔科
healthcare:speciality=biochemistry Biological chemistry 生化学
healthcare:speciality=biological_haematology Biological haematology 血液学
healthcare:speciality=biology Clinical biology 臨床生物学
healthcare:speciality=cardiology Cardiology 循環器科
healthcare:speciality=cardiac_surgery Cardiac surgery 心臓血管外科
healthcare:speciality=child_psychiatry Child psychiatry 児童精神科
healthcare:speciality=community Community medicine 公衆衛生
healthcare:speciality=dental_oral_maxillo_facial_surgery Dental, oral and maxillo-facial surgery (basic medical and dental training)
healthcare:speciality=dermatology Dermatology
healthcare:speciality=dermatovenereology Dermato-venereology
healthcare:speciality=diagnostic_radiology Diagnostic radiology
healthcare:speciality=emergency Accident and emergency medicine
healthcare:speciality=endocrinology Endocrinology
healthcare:speciality=gastroenterological_surgery Gastroenterological surgery
healthcare:speciality=gastroenterology Gastroenterology
healthcare:speciality=general general practitioner or general hospital
healthcare:speciality=geriatrics Geriatrics
healthcare:speciality=gynaecology Obstetrics and Gynaecology
healthcare:speciality=haematology General Haematology
healthcare:speciality=hepatology Hepatology
healthcare:speciality=immunology Immunology
healthcare:speciality=infectious_diseases Communicable diseases
healthcare:speciality=internal General (internal) medicine
healthcare:speciality=maxillofacial_surgery Maxillo-facial surgery (basic medical training)
healthcare:speciality=microbiology Microbiology-bacteriology
healthcare:speciality=nephrology Renal diseases
healthcare:speciality=neurology Neurology
healthcare:speciality=neurophysiology Clinical neurophysiology
healthcare:speciality=neuropsychiatry Neuropsychiatry
healthcare:speciality=neurosurgery Neurological surgery
healthcare:speciality=nuclear Nuclear medicine
healthcare:speciality=occupational Occupational medicine
healthcare:speciality=oncology Oncology
healthcare:speciality=ophthalmology Ophthalmology
healthcare:speciality=orthodontics Orthodontics
healthcare:speciality=orthopaedics Orthopaedics
healthcare:speciality=otolaryngology Otorhinolaryngology
healthcare:speciality=paediatric_surgery Paediatric surgery
healthcare:speciality=paediatrics Paediatrics
healthcare:speciality=palliative Palliative care
healthcare:speciality=pathology Pathological anatomy
healthcare:speciality=pharmacology Pharmacology
healthcare:speciality=physiatry Physical medicine and rehabilitation
healthcare:speciality=plastic_surgery Plastic surgery
healthcare:speciality=proctology Colorectal surgery
healthcare:speciality=psychiatry Psychiatry
healthcare:speciality=pulmonology Respiratory medicine
healthcare:speciality=radiology Radiology
healthcare:speciality=radiotherapy Radiotherapy
healthcare:speciality=rheumatology Rheumatology
healthcare:speciality=stomatology Stomatology
healthcare:speciality=surgery General surgery
healthcare:speciality=surgical_oncology Surgical oncology
healthcare:speciality=thoracic_surgery Thoracic surgery
healthcare:speciality=transplant Transplant surgery
healthcare:speciality=trauma Trauma surgery
healthcare:speciality=tropical Tropical medicine
healthcare:speciality=urology Urology
healthcare:speciality=vascular_surgery Vascular surgery
healthcare:speciality=venereology Venereology

Specialities for healthcare=clinic

value description
healthcare:speciality=abortion abortion clinic
healthcare:speciality=fertility fertility clinic

Specialities for healthcare=psychotherapist

Different schools and approaches of psychotherapy may be tagged using healthcare:speciality=*. May also be used for healthcare=doctor and other healthcare=*.

value description
healthcare:speciality=behavior behavior oriented psychotherapy
healthcare:speciality=body body oriented psychotherapy
healthcare:speciality=depth psychotherapy based on depth psychology, e.g. Psychoanalysis
healthcare:speciality=humanistic psychotherapy based on humanistic psychology
healthcare:speciality=other psychotherapy that does not fit into the other categories, e.g. art therapy
healthcare:speciality=systemic systemic therapy

Specialities for (healthcare=laboratory)

value description
healthcare:speciality=blood_check 血液検査

Specialities for healthcare=alternative

May also be used for healthcare=doctor and other healthcare=*.

value description
healthcare:speciality=acupuncture acupuncture
healthcare:speciality=anthroposophical anthroposophical medicine
healthcare:speciality=applied_kinesiology applied kinesiology
healthcare:speciality=aromatherapy aromatherapy
healthcare:speciality=ayurveda Ayurveda
healthcare:speciality=chiropractic chiropractic
healthcare:speciality=herbalism herbalism (See also: shop=herbalist).
healthcare:speciality=homeopathy Homeopathy
healthcare:speciality=hydrotherapy hydrotherapy
healthcare:speciality=naturopathy naturopathy
healthcare:speciality=osteopathy Osteopathy
healthcare:speciality=reiki Reiki
healthcare:speciality=shiatsu Shiatsu
healthcare:speciality=traditional_chinese_medicine traditional Chinese medicine
healthcare:speciality=tuina tuī ná
healthcare:speciality=unani Unani


These symbols tied for the first place in the voting on the proposal:

  • for a node
healthcare=yes name=John Doe
healthcare=dentist name=Jane Doe
  • for a building
healthcare=yes building=yes name=John Doe
healthcare=dentist building=yes name=Jane Doe