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Réunion Maïdo kiosque pique-nique.JPG
A tag to refine an object mapped with amenity=shelter
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Status: Approved

To further refine an element tagged with amenity=shelter use shelter_type=*.

See Wikipedia Shelter_(building) on Wikipedia


The list isn't fixed; it can be extended by additional values if needed. They should represent the type of usage, rather than describe architectural properties. Please discuss them in the comments before adding them to this page.

Value Comment Photo
basic_hut A basic hut is a small building located in the countryside intended to provide basic shelter and sleeping accommodation.

Consider to add the tag access=private if the hut is locked and can be used only with permission of the owner.

field_shelter A field shelter is a building located in the countryside intended to provide shelter for animals (e.g. horses). In case of bad weather it could be used also by humans, if it is accessible.

Consider to add the tag access=* to specify its legal accessibility, expecially access=private if people are not allowed to use it.

Field shelter.jpg
lean_to A lean-to is a shed with typically three walls located in the countryside intended to provide shelter. Adirondack Lean-to.jpg
picnic_shelter A structure on picnic sites to protect from rain. Normally open to all sides. Also consider to add building=roof. Réunion Maïdo kiosque pique-nique.JPG
public_transport Small shelters found at stops/platforms along train or bus routes, common in bigger cities. Bus shelter.jpg
rock_shelter A rock shelter is a shallow cave-like opening at the base of a bluff or cliff. Rock shelter Papula.jpg
weather_shelter Used for small shelters in the mountains or alongside roads in the countryside. In contrast to alpine huts not meant as a place to sleep, eat or live, except for emergency cases (for example if a thunderstorm comes up). If shelter_type=* isn't mapped explicitly, shelter=* is interpreted as a weather shelter for backward compatibility. German-shelter-harz.jpg



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