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A place that is used to observe wildlife, especially birds. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: leisure
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A bird hide (bird blind in North America) is a location, often camouflaged, that is used to observe wildlife, especially birds, at close quarters. Although hides were once built chiefly as hunting aids, they are now commonly found in parks and wetlands for the use of bird watchers, ornithologists and other observers who do not want to disturb wildlife as it is being observed.

A typical bird hide in Northern Europe resembles a garden shed, with small openings, shutters, or windows built into at least one side to enable observation.

Variant types of bird hide include:

  • the tower hide, which has multiple storeys and allows observations over large areas
  • the bird blind, which is a screen similar to one wall of a typical hide, with or without a roof for shelter
  • the machan, a covered platform erected to observe birds and wildlife in high trees or on cliffs
See bird hide on Wikipedia

How to map

Set a node and add leisure=bird_hide


For open towers which are not dedicated bird watching platforms, consider using tower:type=observation + man_made=tower.

Tags used in combination

tourism=viewpoint is extremely unlikely to be a valid combination, such objects are likely man_made=tower + tower:type=observation


See also

This structures are very similar or identical in construction and differ mostly by function: