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Public-images-osm logo.svg tourism = viewpoint
A place worth visiting, often high, with a good view of surrounding countryside or notable buildings. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Tourism
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A place where tourists, visitors, hikers might like to visit and take photographs. A place, often high, with a good view of surrounding countryside or notable buildings. Sometimes called a vista point or scenic area/point, lookout or overlook.

Some are identified by signs, many more can be identified from local knowledge or from your own visit and judgement.

This tag identifies a good view. Interesting objects or buildings themselves should rather be tagged with an appropriate value of tourism=*.

How to map

Set a node node at the viewpoint and add tourism=viewpoint.

Direction of view

Wind rose

The direction of the view may be described by the direction=* tag, either by giving the main direction or the left and right limits (in this order).

direction=W View roughly to the west
direction=S-W View from the south to the west
direction=330-30 Viewing angle of 60 degrees around the north
direction=70-110;250-290 Limited view to the east and west, no view to the north and south
direction=0-360 Panorama view

A map with showing the direction=*-Tag.


name=Beachy Head
description=Views of the English Channel, France can be seen on a clear day
name=Panorama Tower
name=Gęsia Szyja


  • On the OpenStreetMap standard layer as a viewpoint icon with name if set.
  • On OpenTopoMap as a viewpoint icon with correct direction(s).
  • On osmtools for debugging the direction value.

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