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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = binoculars
Coin-operated binocular at Cape of Good Hope (01).jpg
A pair of binoculars, fixed by a pole on a certain location for tourists to use Edit or translate this description.
Group: Tourism
Used on these elements
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A  pair of binoculars (also known as a tower viewer, spyglass) is a pair of binoculars fixed in place with a pole. It can typically be found on touristic locations, viewpoints, on top of panoramic towers or occasionally on a nature reserve (often in a leisure=bird_hide).

Often, but not always, a coin is demanded as fee=*.

How to map

Add amenity=binoculars on a node.

Tags to use in combination

  • fee=* to indicate that a small fee has to be paid

See also

  • leisure=bird_hide to indicate a spot where birds are observed - a few bird hides do have fixed binoculars in them
  • tourism=viewpoint to indicate a nice view closeby