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How much is charged for use of or access to a facility. Edit or translate this description.
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charge=* is used to specify the amount of the charge to use or access a facility. It is mostly used in combination with fee=yes or toll=yes.


Values for this key have the following notation:

charge = <amount> <currency>[/<time unit>]

The amount should include any cents (or whichever unit a currency uses) if charged, so if for example, the fee charged is $2.95, then tag this as 2.95 USD and do not round the amount up to 3 USD. Always use the decimal point as  decimal separator for such amounts.

If the amount charged is a whole number omitting the cents (or any other subdivision) is permissible. So a fee of exactly €5 may be written as either 5 EUR or 5.00 EUR. Some mappers prefer the latter because it explicitly conveys that no rounding of the amount has occurred. For currency that has no subdivision, such as Japanese Yen or Korean Won, no decimal part is used at all.

The currency should be specified using its  ISO 4217 code. Do not use currency signs such as $, , ¥, , or £.

ISO 4217 codes for a few common currencies
Currency Code to use
Euro EUR
Japanese Yen JPY
Pound Sterling GBP
Swiss Franc CHF
US Dollar USD

For other currencies, see this list on Wikipedia.

The optional time unit should not be abbreviated (use hour instead of h).


See also

  • payment=* to indicate the precise method of payment.
  • toll=* to indicate that a road, bridge, ferry, or other way is tolled - that you must pay to use it.
  • fee:amount=* or fee:price=* - other variants of this tag.
  • Sophox query for highest fees based on this key and cross-referencing exchange rates in Wikidata.