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How much is charged for use of or access to a facility. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Properties
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The charge=* is used for specifying how much is charged for use/access to a facility.

Is it mostly used in a combination with the tag fee=* or toll=*.


Amount should include cents (or the currency equivalent) even when there are none (2.00 instead of 2).

Currency should ISO 4217 code (USD instead of $).

Time unit should not be abbreviated (hour instead of h).


  • 2.00 USD
  • 2.00 USD/hour

Proposed advanced usage

  • charge=[date][ - date][weekday][ - weekday][time][ - time]"amount currency"/"item";[additional dates, days and times with different charges]

date, weekday and time describe when the charge is valid. The format should stick to the format in opening_hours.


  • charge = May - October Mo - Sa 8:00 - 16:00 1.5 EUR/2hour
  • charge = 16 USD/hgv; 8 USD/motorhome; 6 USD/motorcar

In combination with opening hours, the time something is open, but has no charge given for this time, it is free (charge = 0). If it isn't free at any time, the mapper has to provide charges for every opening time.

A more generic charge is overridden by a more specific charge. Example:

  • charge = 10 EUR/person; 6 EUR/child; Su 16:00 - 24:00 4 EUR/child

This means, every person has to pay 10€, children have to pay 6€ except on Sunday since 16:00 o'clock. Then it is 4€ for children.

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