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A basic hut is a small building intended to provide basic shelter and sleeping accommodation. Edit or translate this description.
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A basic hut is a small building located in the countryside intended to provide basic shelter and sleeping accommodation.

Required properties :

  • Small building in the countryside
  • Fully closed (roof and walls)
  • You will find suitable sleeping places
  • No fireplace nor stove -> if yes it is tagged tourism=wilderness_hut instead.
  • Normally free rent, open to the public
  • No permanent human presence

Some examples:
Bivacco on the italian wikipedia
Biwakschachtel in the german wikipedia



Other useful generic tags :

  • ele=* elevation
  • name=* name
  • capacity=* sleeping capacity
  • description=* fill more information with text
  • operator=* typically used to indicate huts owned or maintained by a specific organisation. E.g. administration of forest or national parks or alpine clubs.
  • access=private the hut is locked and can be used only with permission of the owner.
  • drinking_water=yes If water is available inside (or aside). If there is a drinking_water or spring available at a measurable distance (given your recording method) tag it as a separate point with amenity=drinking_water

When hiking people need water. Consider making sure that all streams, rivers and lakes near the shelter are also mapped.



See Proposed_features/wilderness_mountain_buildings#Rendering.

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