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A remote building, with generally a fireplace, intended to provide temporary shelter and sleeping accommodation, typically un-serviced and with no staff. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: tourism
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[W] Wilderness hut, backcountry hut or [W] bothy is an un-serviced remote building, with generally a fireplace or heating stove, intended to provide temporary shelter and sleeping accommodation (un-serviced, no staff present).

Required properties :

  • Remote building found in the countryside
  • The access is usually restricted to foot, mountain bike or ski.
  • Open to the public, usually Free rent, but may require an overnight fee in some countries (for private accomodations see tourism=chalet instead)
  • No permanent human presence, no staff
  • You will find suitable sleeping places
  • Fireplace or stove for cooking and heating
  • Fully closed (roof and walls)

Typically made of stone or wood. May need for keys to enter, owner access through restricted tracks might still be possible, also access by cablelift or helicopter.

How to map


Please add amenity=shower and amenity=toilets as separate points if they are separate from the hut.

Optional tags
Key Value Discussion
shower yes/no/hot/cold Are showers available. If showers are available inside.
mattress yes/no If mattresses are available
drinking_water yes/no If water is available inside (or aside).
toilets yes/no If toilets are available inside.
reservation yes
yes - reservation is possible
no - there is no reservation option for this amenity
required - you have to reserve if you want to sleep at the hut
recommended - you should make a reservation
members_only - reservation is only possible for members of the organisation running the hut
access yes/private the hut is locked and can be used only with permission of the owner
locked yes/no the hut is locked and can be only used after retrieving the key. If possible, write how to obtain the key in description=*.

Other useful generic tags :

  • ele=* elevation
  • name=* name
  • capacity=* sleeping capacity
  • fee=yes require overnight fee
  • fireplace=yes if there is a fireplace to heat the hut
  • description=* fill more information with text
  • access=* useful values are access=yes and access=private. NOTE. This tag should not be confused with the status of the operator (e.g., DAV/CAF/SAC owned vs. privately owned. Private would indicate that the hut is only open to members or associates of the owning organisation (this is the typical status for mountain huts in the UK, see discussion).
  • operator=* typically used to indicate huts owned or maintained by a specific organisation. E.g. Mountain Bothies Association, Österreichischer Alpenverein, administration of forest or national parks.



See Proposed features/wilderness mountain buildings#Rendering

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