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Public showers, where people can bathe under water sprays Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: amenities
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Status: de facto

Public showers, where people can bathe under water sprays. May be run as a local amenity by the government, or part of commercial provisions. May charge a fee. Beach showers are also marked this way.

How to map

Place a node centrally at the location of the showers amenity and tag it amenity=shower. If possible use an area for a shower building and add a node entrance=* to the entrance on the outline. (This is helpful for blind navigation users).

Tags used in combination

Standard combination tags:

Ideas for "access" tags:

  • male=yes - male-only or segregated shower
  • female=yes - female-only or segregated shower
  • unisex=yes - unisex shower
  • access=customers - used if shower available only for customers

Additional tags:

Showers inside places

Camping sites often have showers for customers, usually in a central services building. You can use shower=yes on a camp site object in such cases.


Publicly accessible, non-portable beach showers used to wet the hair and body before entering the water, and to wash off dirty and salty water after leaving the lake or sea. Depending on latitude, they are seasonal (active during the bathing season) or year-round. Mostly located close to official bathing areas and waterside resorts.

Examples of standard, public, year-round, available 24/7 to anyone for a fee or for free. Mostly located along major traffic routes.

Other places created for the public to have access to showers used for washing up

Shower road signs

We could do with a better photo illustrating a shower, preferably a specifically public shower.

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