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Public-images-osm logo.svg man_made = footwear_decontamination
Waipoua Forest, North Island, New Zealand -kauri dieback disease prevention-21March2011.jpg
A facility to decontaminate footwear for hikers. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Infrastructure
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Indicates the presence of a footwear decontamination station.These are designed to reduce soil and other things e.g. plants, pathogens being carried on footwear of hikers. They are always beside or on a path. Many have big brushes (mounted facing up) to clean soil off footwear and a disinfectant applier for the base of the footwear.

These may be the only on the ground indication of contaminated areas or areas susceptible to contamination. People walking in these areas should go to these stations to prevent the spread of contamination.

Kauri dieback sign.jpg

How to map

Place a node node or an area area where the station is and then add the tag man_made=footwear_decontamination.

Associated tags

  • operator=* The name of the company operating the station. Maybe helpful if there is a problem with the station to know who to contact.


Do not use this for door mats, shoe polishing stations.

Possible Tagging Mistakes

Not for door mats, shoe polishing stations etc.


The sole of a boot/shoe with a scrubbing brush?

It is unlikely this would be rendered except for hiking maps.

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