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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = public_bath
Blue Lagoon.
A location where the public may bathe in common Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Swimming and bathing
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This tag is used for a location where the public may bathe in common and there are visible signs and/or facilities. E.g. an onsen, a hot spring, a hammam or a thermal bath. Bathers may or may not need to pay a fee, and there can be a separation by gender.

To map bathing places in nature where signage, trashcans or other facilities does not exist use leisure=bathing_place instead.

How to Map

To represent a stand-alone public bath, place a node or trace the bath building outline, then tag with amenity=public_bath.

Tags to use in combination

Hot springs such as those found in Japan (onsen) and Iceland have suggested tagging as detailed below.

Japanese onsen

An onsen is a bathing amenity, with water from a natural hot spring, sometimes thought to have medicinal properties. It is a common leisure amenity in Japan. See Onsen on Wikipedia for more details.


Key Value Comment
bath:type=* onsen amenity has bathing amenity, and the waters from natural hot spring.
bath:type=* foot_bath foot_bath is usually are a (free) service offered in the front of the onsen to passerbys.
It's very shallow, and surrounded by seats, it's like a big sink, rather than a pool.
"Ashiyu" in Japanese. Ashiyu on Wikipedia
bath:sand_bath=* yes/no Mark "yes" if the bathing amenity is sand bath (Suna_yu) or not.

Onsen situation sample

Sample Tagging Comments
Onsen Yado tourism=hotel (or something other, like B&B)
Hotel or other lodging amenity with Onsen.
Higaeri Onsen tourism=hotel (or something other, like B&B)
Hotel with Onsen, can use onsen without lodging.
Roten buro bath:type=onsen
Open Air bathing amenity
Sento amenity=public_bath daily (hot water) bathing amenity using water not from hot spring.
Ashi Yu (foot_bath) amenity=public_bath
Suna Yu (Sand bath) leisure=sauna
Onsen Sauna

Icelandic hot baths

In Iceland hot water from the ground is abundant due to geothermal activity, so the baths are often situated at the hot spring itself. Hot water from the springs are piped over to nearby settlements and used there.


Key Value Comment
bath:type=* hot_spring amenity has bathing amenity, and the waters comes directly from natural hot spring.

Iceland Situation Sample

Sample Tagging Comments
- tourism=hotel
Hotel or other lodging amenity with a common bathing facility.
Hot Springs Hotel tourism=hotel
Hotel with spa centered around a natural hot spring.
- amenity=public_bath
Open Air bathing amenity
Vesturbæjarlaug amenity=public_bath
Public accessible bathing amenity using water not from hot spring. With the pools on the outside and some of them with hot water (37 °C).

Related tags

  • amenity=shower - a public shower.
  • leisure=sauna - Room for bathing warmed usually using steam. The steam could be from natural hot spring, although often isn't.

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