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Logo. Feature : Swimming and bathing
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Anything related to swimming and bathing activities

In general we have the water area of a swimming pool and the facility itself. The facility can be swimming or bathing oriented. A Way is drawn around the perimeter (including meadow, playgrounds and buildings).

Quick overview for mapping swimming lakes, swimming pools and swimming spots on the river

Nature baths with no facilities

To map bathing places in nature where signage, trashcans or other facilities does not exist use leisure=bathing_place instead.

Swimming area

Water area of a swimming pool

Schwimmbecken Strandbad Frankenthal in der Pfalz.jpg
area leisure=swimming_pool
+ sport=swimming (only for swimming pools suitable for swimming)
+ access=private for private pools in a garden (if they should be tagged at all)

Enclosed natural water area inside a facility

Badeanstalt Unterer Letten Zürich Bild 1.JPG
area leisure=swimming_area
+ sport=swimming

Natural water where swimming is possible

Olympus digital camera (7751459280).jpg
area natural=water
+ water=lake/river/...
+ sport=swimming


area natural=beach
+ sport=swimming

Alternatively, a node tagged with sport=swimming can be added at or near the shore/bank.


Water park Swimming-16.svg

The water park is distinguished from the swimming facility by features like water slides and advanced pools with artificial currents and by the fact that it is not suitable for doing swimming as a sport. It can be both outdoor and indoor.

area leisure=water_park
+ name=Paradise Island Water Park
+ opening_hours=*
+ website=*
+ wheelchair=*

Swimming pool facility

A facility containing one or more swimming pools (focussed on swimming as a sport). It can be both outdoor and indoor.

Hallenbad Huetteldorf 02.JPG
area leisure=sports_centre + sport=swimming
+ possibly building=yes
+ name=London Aquatics Centre
+ indoor=yes/no
+ outdoor=yes/no
+ opening_hours=*
+ website=*
+ wheelchair=*

Public bath Public bath.svg

A facility where you can go and take a bath, e.g. an onsen, a hot spring, a hammam or a thermal bath It must have something more than just showers, but I may be anything from bath tubs up to swimming pools. Large bath houses can have outside baths. A fee may be charged for entry. If membership is needed, set access to private. Tag the building, and if present also the outside premises with pools.

Széchenyi Baths 2010 01.JPG
area amenity=public_bath
+ bath:type=onsen/hot_spring/hammam/thermal
+ bath:open_air=yes/no
+ name=*
+ fee=*
+ supervised=yes/no (life guard)

Natural water bathing facility

This is a area consisting of both water and land. A designated bathing area at any kind of water that is not a swimming pool or similar.

Zürich Frauenbad.JPG
+ bath:type=lake/river
+ bath:open_air=yes
+ name=*
+ fee=*
+ supervised=yes/no (life guard)

A facility that has a swimming pool

Add the property swimming_pool=yes to the facility.

Possible facilities:

Beach resort

The beach resorts is distinguished from a bathing beach by the full-fledged service that can include: rental services for sunshades, cabins, lockers and even small cottages. They can be served by lifeguards. That is, beaches can be "upgraded" to beach resorts. Bars, restaurants, parking lots, small shops, toilets and showers inside a beach resort should be mapped separately.

Beach resort.jpg
+ name=*
+ fee=*
+ supervised=yes/interval (life guard)
+ pets=yes/no

Things inside a bathing/swimming facility


+ name=*
+ fee=*
+ access=yes/private


area building=yes
+ description=toilets/shower/...

Lawn for sunbathing:

area landuse=grass


area leisure=playground
+ access=customers


area leisure=pitch
+ sport=volleyball/mini_golf/table_tennis/...
+ access=customers


node amenity=toilets


node amenity=shower