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PALS Lifeguards on Sandspit Beach.jpg
A place where a lifeguard is on duty, but not in a fixed location
Group: Emergency
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A  lifeguard (sometimes also known as a lifesaver  lifesaving) is a rescuer who supervises the safety, and carries out rescues, of swimmers, surfers, and other water sports participants, in locations such as a swimming pool, water park, beach, river or lake.

They may also, particularly on inland waterways, sometimes be involved in the rescue of sailors from small vessels in distress.

Lifeguards may be paid professionals or volunteers only. This tag does not distinguish between them.

This key is used on water recreation features such as a beach, swimming pool or water park, where there will be a lifeguard on duty who may not be in a fixed location while on duty.

How to Map

Add lifeguard=yes to the tagging for the beach, swimming pool etc, to indicate that there will be a lifeguard on duty somewhere in this area, but they will not be in a fixed location.

If the lifeguard is there for only part of the year, add seasonal=yes or specify the exact season with seasonal=spring/summer/autumn/winter.

Alternatively, if there is no lifeguard patrolling this area, add lifeguard=no

Tags used in combination

  • opening_hours=* - These opening hours should reflect the actual times that a lifeguard may be found on duty, either daily e.g. Mo-Su 08:00-17:00, or the time of year that they are there e.g. Oct-Apr Sa-Su 06:00-17:00
  • If their duty hours are different to the posted opening hours of the facility they are at (e.g. beach is open 24 hours a day, but lifeguard is only on duty during daylight hours) add opening_hours:lifeguard=*


Examples Tagging Images
Mobile lifeguards on patrol lifeguard=yes PALS Lifeguards on Sandspit Beach.jpg

See also

  • emergency=lifeguard - To indicate the permanent, or semi-permanent locations (e.g. structure is removed over winter, but is replaced in the same position the following summer), such as lifeguard towers or buildings, that lifeguards will be found while on duty.