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Indicates whether there is a person who supervises the place Edit or translate this description.
Group: Properties
Used on these elements
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Status: de factoPage for proposal


The property supervised=yes indicates that there is a person who supervises the place. This means that the person observes the place, makes sure that everyone obeys to the rules, that nobody is harmed, and that nothing is damaged.


In combination with


A supervised crossing for school-age children (en: Lollipop crossing, de: Schülerlotsen / Verkehrshelfer, nl: Klaar-over):

A junction where a police officer (de: Verkehrsposten) stands in the middle of the junction to direct traffic. Sometimes there is a small platform on which the officer can stand. Such supervised junctions can no longer be found in industrialized countries (traffic lights are used instead), but they are still common in countries such as Bhutan (image) or North Korea (article with videos):

A level crossing where a gatekeeper/signalman (de: Bahnwärter, Schrankenwärter) manually closes the gate when a train is approaching (such old-fashioned level crossings still exist in many countries):

A parking lot which is guarded during its entire opening hours (not to collect parking fees, but to prevent car theft and vandalism):

A swimming pool that is not supervised by a lifeguard:

A beach that is open during daytime, but only supervised during certain hours (a leisure=beach_resort could be tagged similarly; when the lifeguard has a building, see Proposed features/Emergency services):

A public toilet that is always staffed with a cleaner (these toilets are usually tidier, but the cleaner might expect a tip):

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