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Indicates the type of the parking facility Edit or translate this description.
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The parking key can be used together with amenity=parking to determine the type of parking facility.

Common Values

Value Description Image
surface One level of parking on the ground. P3030027ParkingLot wb.jpg
multi-storey Two or more levels of parking decks in a building structure. Multi-storey car park, Percy Street (geograph 1666894).jpg
underground Underground parking. Christian Wirth - Tiefgarage Hauptplatz.jpg
rooftop One level of a parking deck on top of the building. Seattle - rooftop parking lot of the Fred Rogers Building from atop the Brunswick Building.jpg
sheds Private hangars for vehicles, located close to owner's home. Usually constructed of profiled metal. 2009-365-232 Let it Rain-Snow (3858492698).jpg
carports Structure used to offer limited protection to vehicles, primarily cars, from the elements (Carports on Wikipedia). Carport-gewölbt.jpg
garage_boxes One level buildings with individual boxes for one car, each, usually made of brick and metal. Usually, this area belong to garage cooperative with own name, chairman, budget, rules, security, etc. Bhv-alte-garagen hg.jpg
Mechanical parking. See also another one. Parking (2762182075).jpg

Special cases

Tags Description Image
Carport + solar Solar carport (9078555412).jpg


There is some usage of the tag parking=lane, but no definition of what this tag means exactly.

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