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Public-images-osm logo.svg parking:both
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Parking along both sides of a street. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: parking
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Parking along a street. The value represents the position of parking, e.g. on the carriageway, beside the street in a street-side parking bay or on the sidewalk. If there is no parking, this should be mapped, too.

If there are different parking positions on both sides, use parking:left=* and parking:right=* instead.

If possible, add the parking orientation as well.

See the street parking page for more details about how to map parking along streets.


Key Value Illustration Description
parking:both lane Parking position lane.png Parking on the street (which could be easily converted to a travel lane).
street_side Parking position street side.png Parking only in parking bays adjacent to the carriageway, which could not easily be converted into a travel lane.
on_kerb Parking position on kerb.png Zeichen 315-65 - Parken ganz auf Gehwegen in Fahrtrichtung rechts, StVO 1992.svg Parking on sidewalk.
half_on_kerb Parking position half on kerb.png Zeichen 315-55 - Parken halb auf Gehwegen in Fahrtrichtung rechts, StVO 1992.svg Parking partially on sidewalk.
shoulder Parking position shoulder.png Parking on the  shoulder, i.e. hard, paved or unpaved sections beside the road not normally meant to be driven on.
no Parking position no.png There is no parking. This refers only to the physical presence of a parking lanes, not the legal condition.
separate Parking position separate.png The parking and its properties is mapped separately with amenity=parking + parking=*.
yes Parking position yes.png There is parking alongside the street, but it is not specified where exactly. Use one of the more specific values above instead, if possible.

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Related tags

  • parking:left=* - Parking along the left side of a street
  • parking:right=* - Parking along the right sides of a street
  • parking=* - Indicates the type of the parking facility