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Group: Sports
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Status: de facto

The sport=* tag is used to identify one or more sports which can be played within or on some physical feature. A list of sports is given below.

A sport=* should normally also be associated with a suitable physical feature where it is performed; often this is leisure=pitch or leisure=track although other surfaces or features are sometimes appropriate, for example natural=beach for swimming and scuba diving. A leisure=sports_centre may be associated with a number of sports. Where individual sports are played at distinct identifiable places then identify the sport with the particular pitch etc. Where a number of sports are associated with a single feature then separate the sports with a ';', for example 'gymnastics;badminton'.

Several sports rely on different or additional tagging, whitewater sports use specific tagging to tag waterways, Proposed features/Climbing routes are tagged as ways with grades and there is special mapping for highway=via_ferrata.

Associated tags

Since this is a non-physical tag it should be combined with one of these (physical) tags:

Primary sports facilities

Specific sports facilities

In these facilities the sport=* should not be used, since it is already stated what kind of sport.



Some amenities may have facilities for a sport e.g. an amenity=pub may have sport=billiards and/or sport=darts facilities.


Use tags like:



Core values

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  • The colour of areas should be determined by the physical tags mentioned above. The sport-tag itself should only result in an appropriate icon. When there's no other (physical) tag some default color could be applied, though this wouldn't encourage proper mapping.
  • OSM-FR Mapnik ( rendering examples in Berlin, or INSEP, Paris.

Sport definition

There are many ways to define sport, some of them narrower than one de facto used in OSM. For example any definition that limits "sport" to competitions or only physical activity is not fitting OSM use. Requiring physical activity would exclude for example sport=chess. Require competitions would exclude for example many cases of correctly used sport=climbing that nevertheless is not done as part of competitions. See taginfo for examples of actually used values and list above for documented ones[1].

Proposed Values

  • mailing list thread: