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Outdoor gym in Parque de Bateria, Torremolinos.JPG
An outdoor facility where people can practise typical fitness exercises Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: sports
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Status: de facto

A  fitness station, outdoor gym, Street Workout, Calisthenics Park or trim trail is an outdoor facility, a single or a collection of exercise equipment. This is typically operated by a local government and free to use for everyone. Often along a fitness route or inside a park.

How to map

Place a node node at the centre of the facility or draw an area area around the surface, and tag it leisure=fitness_station on it.

If the fitness station is part of a fitness route, make them a member of a route=fitness_trail relation.

Useful combinations

  • sport=fitness
  • name=* a name for the fitness station
  • ref=* a reference number of the fitness station
  • description=* additional description
  • opening_hours=* Sometimes, the fitness station might not be open 24/7
  • operator=* eg, the name of the local council which operates the fitness station
  • fitness_station=* the type of fitness equipment at the station

Fitness equipment

Normally the tag fitness_station=* is added to describe the type of fitness equipment at the station. Often there is one kind of equipment at the station.

Alternatively, if a fitness station has more than one type of equipment, some mappers add tags in the format fitness_station:<equipment_type>=yes to the leisure=fitness_station feature. Rarely a semi-colon value separator is used when there is more than one kind of equipment at the fitness station, with fitness_station=<equipment1>;<equipment2>;etc.

A few mappers instead use fitness_station=* alone to map individual exercise equipment within a fitness station, as separate nodes inside a fitness station area.

Fitness trail

Tags Description Picture
fitness_station=sign Sign having a description of an exercise, which can be done either on the ground, or with a fitness station located nearby.
Outdoor fitness station sign.jpg
fitness_station=horizontal_bar A horizontal bar high enough for  pull-ups, muscle-ups and other gymnastic and fitness exercises. There may be several bars in different heights for people of varying age and height.
Trimm-Dich-Pfad Grünwalder Forst Klimmzüge.jpg
fitness_station=sit-up A fitness station for doing inclined or level  sit-ups.
Inclined sit-up bench.jpg
fitness_station=push-up A fitness station for inclined  push-ups. Usually one or more low horizontal bars.
Push-up bars.jpg
fitness_station=stretch_bars A fitness station for stretching. Usually one or more horizontal bars.
Fitness station stretch bars.jpg
fitness_station=hyperextension A fitness station for making  hyperextensions a.k.a back extensions.
Inclined sit-up and hyperextension bench.jpg
fitness_station=parallel_bars Two horizontal bars side by side for  dips, swings, holds and other gymnastics and fitness exercises.
Sente à Santé Trim Trail Jersey 2012 11.jpg
fitness_station=rings Two hanging rings for gymnastic exercises.
fitness_station=horizontal_ladder A series of short horizontal bars mounted side by side and high enough to hang on. Also known as monkey bars.
Horizontal ladder.jpg
fitness_station=wall_bars Several horizontal bars on top of each other, a.k.a stall bars.
RIAN archive 493268 Sports at a kindergarten.jpg
fitness_station=slalom Run between the posts from left to right and from right to left in a slalom run.
Fitness station slalom.jpg
fitness_station=stepping_stone Jumping from block to block by jumping from foot to foot.
Fitness station stepping stone.jpg
fitness_station=leapfrog Leapfrog over the cones.
Fitness station leapfrog.jpg
fitness_station=beam_jump Bend your legs and jump over the logs with your feet together.
Fitness station beam jump.jpg
fitness_station=hurdling Run and cross several similar obstacles, called hurdles.
Fitness station hurdling.jpg
fitness_station=wall Climb the wall and jumping to cushion the landing.
Fitness station wall.jpg
fitness_station=balance_beam A horizontal beam for walking.
fitness_station=log_lifting One or more logs with a hinged end and a handle for lifting on the other end.
Log lifting exercise.jpg
fitness_station=captains_chair A chair with back and elbow support only (i.e. no seat) for doing leg raises etc.
Captains chair.jpg

Outdoor gym

Tags Desciption Picture
fitness_station=box A fixed height platform for jumping etc.
Exercise Box.jpg
fitness_station=battling_ropes Two ropes for waving, smashing etc.
Battling ropes.jpg
fitness_station=exercise_bike A stationary bicycle for leg and cardiovascular exercise.
Outdoor stationary bicycle.jpg
fitness_station=elliptical_trainer A fitness station for cardiovascular exercise, a.k.a. cross trainer.
07-12-2016, Fitness trail, Parque da Alfarrobeira, Albufeira (2).JPG
fitness_station=air_walker A fitness station with two swinging feet platforms and support bar for hands.
Ansan Park (beind the city hall) 022.JPG
fitness_station=rower A fitness station with a moving seat and either two moving, vertical hand bars or a bar with rope which moves water. The station emulates a rowing movement.
Annecy - rower.jpg
fitness_station=? Shoulder trainer/Taiji massage device. The discs have bumps and can rotate. (One set of two discs is for standing, the other set for wheelchair users.)
Duplex shoulder trainer.jpg
fitness_station=? Device for twisting one's back, performed in standing or sedantry position, using a rotatable stool/pedestal.
Twister fitness device.jpg
fitness_station=back_massager Back massage device for standing or squatting position.
Back massage device.jpg


Tags Desciption Picture
fitness_station=slackline A rope or ribbon mounted between two points, for balance exercises.
Slacklineanlage im Dietenbachpark.jpg

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Röntgen icons

Röntgen rendering fitness.png
Tag Rendering
fitness_station=horizontal_bar Röntgen high horizontal bar.svg
fitness_station=horizontal_ladder Röntgen horizontal ladder.svg
fitness_station=push-up Röntgen low horizontal bars.svg
fitness_station=sit-up Röntgen incline bench.svg
fitness_station=wall_bars Röntgen wall bars.svg

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