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Cunningham Park South td (2019-04-04) 016 - Outdoor Fitness Equipment.jpg
Individual exercise equipment within a fitness station, mapped as separate nodes Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: sports
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Useful combination
Status: in use

The key fitness_station=* is used to map exercise equipment within a fitness station (leisure=fitness_station):

Most commonly, the tag fitness_station=<equipment_type>> is added to describe the type of fitness equipment at the station. Often there is one kind of equipment at the station.

Alternatively, if a fitness station has more than one type of equipment, some mappers add tags in the format fitness_station:<equipment_type>=yes to the leisure=fitness_station feature. Rarely a semi-colon value separator is used when there is more than one kind of equipment at the fitness station, with fitness_station=<equipment1>;<equipment2>;etc.

A few mappers instead use fitness_station=* alone to map individual exercise equipment within a fitness station, as separate nodes inside a fitness station area.

How to map

Add the tag fitness_station=* to a leisure=fitness_station feature (mapped as a node or area).

Similar tags

If the exercise feature is located on a playground and focusses on children, please check whether there is an equivalent playground tag available.

Common values

Tag Description Image Pictogram Count
fitness_station=sign Sign having a description of an exercise, which can be done either on the ground, or with a fitness station located nearby. Outdoor fitness station sign.jpg
fitness_station=ab_twist Trunk rotation exercise. Ab twist.jpg Twistout-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=air_walker A fitness station with two swinging feet platforms and support bar for hands. Ansan Park (beind the city hall) 022.JPG Air walker-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=arm_extension Fitness device to improve coordination and flexibility of upper limbs. Arm extension.jpg
fitness_station=back_massager A massaging device for back muscles. Back massager-device.jpg
fitness_station=balance_beam A horizontal beam for walking. Exercise9170.JPG
fitness_station=battling_ropes Two ropes for waving, smashing etc. Battling ropes.jpg
fitness_station=beam_jump Bend your legs and jump over the logs with your feet together. Fitness station beam jump.jpg
fitness_station=bench_press A fitness device for training upper body muscles. The ones at outdoor fitness stations usually have a fixed trajectory and weights. Bench press.jpg BenchPress-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=bent_over_row The "bent over row" is a compound strength training exercise primarily targeting the muscles of the upper back. Bent over row.jpg
fitness_station=box A fixed height platform for jumping etc. Exercise Box.jpg Jump-box-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=captains_chair A chair with back and elbow support only (i.e. no seat) for doing leg raises etc. Captains chair.jpg Knee raise-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=chest_press A chest press primarily focuses on working the muscles of the chest. User typically takes a sedentary position. The motion begins with the weights or resistance held close to the chest, similar to the starting position of a bench press. From there, the user pushes the weights away from the chest while extending the arms, following a path that is generally upward. This movement pattern closely resembles the action of pushing a heavy object away from the body. Chest press.jpg Chest press-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=climbing_pole A vertical structure designed to provide individuals with a challenging workout by simulating the act of climbing. Resembling a tall pole or post, it is typically made of sturdy materials such as metal or wood and is anchored securely into the ground. Climbing pole.jpg
fitness_station=dip_bench A dip bench is a piece of exercise equipment designed to target the muscles of the upper body, particularly the triceps, chest, and shoulders. It typically consists of a sturdy frame with two parallel bars that extend horizontally from the sides. Users can grip these bars and perform a dipping motion to engage in the exercise. P1690237.jpg
fitness_station=elliptical_trainer A fitness station for cardiovascular exercise, a.k.a. cross trainer. 07-12-2016, Fitness trail, Parque da Alfarrobeira, Albufeira (2).JPG Elliptical trainer-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=exercise_bike A stationary bicycle for leg and cardiovascular exercise. Outdoor stationary bicycle.jpg Exercise bike-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=fitness_pole Pole for doing human flag post and similar exercise. Human-flag-post-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=fly A fitness station also known as pec deck (although this is not completely accurate). Useful for training chest and supporting muscles. A user is seated during the exercise (also see horizontal_fly) Fly-fitness.jpg
fitness_station=hand_bike A stationary bicycle for maneuvered by hand. Handbike.jpg Handbike-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=horizontal_bar A horizontal bar high enough for  pull-ups, muscle-ups and other gymnastic and fitness exercises. There may be several bars in different heights for people of varying age and height. Trimm-Dich-Pfad Grünwalder Forst Klimmzüge.jpg Chin bar-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=horizontal_fly Same as fly but a user is in a horizontal position. P1690246.jpg Fly-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=horizontal_ladder A series of short horizontal bars mounted side by side and high enough to hang on. Also known as monkey bars. Horizontal ladder.jpg
fitness_station=hurdling Run and cross several similar obstacles, called hurdles. Fitness station hurdling.jpg
fitness_station=hyperextension A fitness station for making  hyperextensions a.k.a back extensions. Inclined sit-up and hyperextension bench.jpg Hyperextension.jpg
fitness_station=leapfrog Leapfrog over the cones. Fitness station leapfrog.jpg
fitness_station=leg_extension A fitness station targeting quadriceps muscles. Legs are bending in the knees. P1690268.jpg Leg-extension-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=leg_press Leg press also known as leg push. Squats in a sitting position. Leg press2.jpg Leg push-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=leg_stretching An outdoor leg stretching fitness device is designed for enhancing lower body flexibility. It offers platforms to place feet, aiding in gentle stretches for muscles like hamstrings or quadriceps. Leg stretching-device.jpg Leg stretching-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=log_lifting One or more logs with a hinged end and a handle for lifting on the other end. Log lifting exercise.jpg
fitness_station=parallel_bars Two horizontal bars side by side for  dips, swings, holds and other gymnastics and fitness exercises. Sente à Santé Trim Trail Jersey 2012 11.jpg Dip press-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=preacher_curl Biceps training during which the upper arms rest on a bench. Preacher curl.jpg Preacher curl-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=pull_down Pull down bars, good for back muscles. Pull down.jpg Pull down-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=punching_bag A cylindrical or teardrop-shaped equipment used for practicing and training in various combat sports, primarily boxing and martial arts. Outdoor punching bag.jpg
fitness_station=push-up A fitness station for inclined  push-ups. Usually one or more low horizontal bars. Push-up bars.jpg
fitness_station=rider Fitness device emulating horse riding. 20230304 153324.jpg
fitness_station=rings Two hanging rings for gymnastic exercises. Exercise9159.JPG
fitness_station=rower A fitness station with a moving seat and either two moving, vertical hand bars or a bar with rope which moves water. The station emulates a rowing movement. Rower.jpg Rower-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=shoulder_press The shoulder press targets the muscles of the shoulders (deltoids), triceps, and upper back by lifting a weight or resistance vertically above the head while sitting or standing, see also chest_press. Shoulder press.jpg
fitness_station=sit-up A fitness station for doing inclined or level  sit-ups. Inclined sit-up bench.jpg Situp-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=ski_swing Ski swing - a. k. a. pendulum swing. Ski swing.jpg Ski swing-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=slackline A rope or ribbon between mounted between two points, for balance exercises. Slacklineanlage im Dietenbachpark.jpg
fitness_station=slalom It typically consists of a series of evenly spaced markers arranged in a zigzag pattern on the ground. Athletes navigate through these markers, performing quick turns and changes of direction to simulate real-world scenarios and enhance their agility, balance, and coordination. Fitness station slalom.jpg
fitness_station=stepper A stepper machine is a fitness equipment designed to replicate the motion of climbing stairs StepperExercise.jpg Stepper-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=stepping_stone Jumping from block to block by jumping from foot to foot. Fitness station stepping stone.jpg
fitness_station=squat Fitness device for performing squats is designed to aid individuals in effectively and safely executing squat exercises, which primarily target the muscles of the lower body. Squat.jpg Squat-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=steering_wheel Shoulder rotating exercise. Fitness steeringWheel.jpg Arm rotation-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=tbar_row T-Bar Row, also known as Incline Lever Row. Often equipped with weights. T-row.jpg T-Bar.jpg
fitness_station=tire Workout tire. Workout tire.jpg
fitness_station=training_stairs Training stairs, also known as staircases or stair sets, are fitness equipment designed to simulate the act of climbing stairs. They provide a versatile and effective way to engage in cardiovascular workouts and strengthen lower body muscles. Training stairs.jpg
fitness_station=treadmill A machine designed for cardiovascular workouts by simulating walking, jogging, or running in place. Sandown outdoor gym treadmill.JPG Treadmill-pictogram.jpg
fitness_station=wall Climb the wall and jumping to cushion the landing. Fitness station wall.jpg
fitness_station=wall_bars Several horizontal bars on top of each other, a.k.a stall bars. RIAN archive 493268 Sports at a kindergarten.jpg