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For mapping features relevant to winter sports.


For mapping features relevant to winter sports, including down-hill skiing, nordic skiing and skating, snowshoeing, etc.


way Ways : PisteMaps !

You will find everything you want for downhill, cross-country, winter-hiking, snowshoeing, sledge, lifts ... in the comprehensive and widely used Piste Maps page.

relation Relations

Pistes can be grouped in route relations, allowing to express the marking color, the name, etc ... Two schemes are currently in used:



Do you need to know if you have permission to enter with your skis on ? Access (or not) with skis can be express with ski=designated or ski=yes.

Alternatively look at snowshoe=yes or snowshoe=designated.


Tag:landuse=winter_sports see also Piste Maps

Site=piste proposed alternative.

Winter sports

All the relevant information for a complete tagging can be found on the links above.


Name Map type Features
OpenSnowMap raster ski pistes (cross-country and downhill), sled, snowparks..
Waymarked trails raster ski pistes (cross-country and downhill), sled, snowparks as overlay.. map-link
OpenSkiMap vector ski pistes, lifts, their length, difficulty and grooming raster ski pistes (cross-country and downhill) including slope inclination of Alps and Pyrenees raster ski tour, and cross country (XC) trails from OSM with routing functionality for XC trails and additional information from other sources like weather, piste status, elevation profile etc.
OpenAndroMaps vector Vector maps including winter sports for various Android application
OSM Carto raster Ski lifts
OsmAnd vector Ski pistes are contained in vector maps for offline use on Android (via and Locus (use build-in vector map theme Ski or data & theme from
Trekarta Android application vector ski pistes (downhill, nordic, hiking, sled and other), difficulty, grooming style and lightning (skiing activity should be selected in application menu to enable dedicated winter theme)
Mobile Atlas Creator Ski pistes are displayed by several map providers that can be downloaded
Skidea garmin Some ski resort maps are available on Garmin image file format
Gaia Topo Winter vector Ski pistes (nordic, downhill, backcountry), plus winter fat biking trails. Available on Web, iOS, and Android.

General facilities

General facilities that apply generally to winter sports include shop=ticket (where tickets can be purchased) and amenity=ski_school (where people learn the sport). Also amenity=restaurant, amenity=shelter, tourism=viewpoint, natural=cliff, emergency=mountain_rescue and emergency=first_aid

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