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Public-images-osm logo.svg aerialway = chair_lift
An open chairlift run. These have a single seat to sit on and are open to the outside air. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: Aerialways
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Status: de facto

An open chairlift run. These have a series of single seats or benches to sit on and are open to the outside air, sometimes having a bubble protecting only a part of the body. Beginners may struggle to get off them without making a fool of themselves!

This is just one classification among several cable/wire based lifts/transportation types listed under Key:aerialway. See also WikiProject Piste Maps

How to map

Draw a way way along the route of the cable, and set this aerialway=chair_lift tag on this way.

This implies oneway=yes (drawn upward). Any two-way chairlifts should be tagged oneway=no.

Tags to use in combination

Additional features

Position nodes node at either end of the cable. These nodes might be tagged with aerialway=station

If you know the position you can also map support pylons by positioning nodes node in the middle of the way, with the tag aerialway=pylon.

Similar tags

aerialway=* - Other classifications of cable/wire based lifts/transportation types