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Heliport Niagara Falls Ontario.jpg
A special aerodrome built for helicopters Edit or translate this description.
Group: Aeroways
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A  Heliport is a special kind of aerodrome exclusively for the use of helicopters. It is different from aeroway=aerodrome in that it does not serve fixed-wing aircraft and usually has no runways. A heliport will usually have one or more helipads (aeroway=helipad).

Heliport vs helipad

The term heliport typically refers to the whole facility including associated hangars, taxiways, terminals and windsocks. A helipad refers to the actual landing/takeoff area (which may be located on an aerodrome, heliport, or as a standalone facility).


  • Either create a closed way (or multipolygon relation for some complex shapes) around the extent of the airport land (often co-incident with a barrier of some kind).
  • Or draw a node in the center of the airport and add aeroway=heliport + name=*

Additional tags

Tag Description
ele=* Elevation
icao=* 4-letter code issued by the ICAO.
addr=* Contact address for management
operator=* The name of the operator of the airport
phone=* Contact phone number for airport management.
ifr=yes/no see Instrument flight rules


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