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A platform at a bus stop or station. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Highways
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The highway=platform tag is used for platforms (raised structures) along the side of a road where passengers get on and off busses and/or trams. The equivalent tag for railway platforms is railway=platform.

This tag differs from the tag public_transport=platform which only means a place where passengers board or alight from public transport vehicles; it does not need to be a physical platform. Therefore, public_transport=platform is often tagged with highway=platform or railway=platform, respectively.

How to Map

Draw a line way along the center of the platform or create an area around the outline of the platform, and add the tag highway=platform. You may also add the tag to a node at the location of the platform.

Additional tags:

  • ref=* - the reference number of the platform
  • route_ref=* - the reference number of the bus route that serves the platform
  • name=* - If the platform has a common name (not a reference number)
  • operator=* - the name of the operator of the bus service and platform
  • wheelchair=* - wheelchair accessibility
  • bench=* - is there a bench on the platform?
  • bin=* - is there a waste bin?
  • shelter=* - is there a covered shelter?
  • toilets=* - are there toilets?

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