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Chulalongkorn University bus stop.jpg
Used to indicate whether the feature has any benches or not. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Amenities
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Status: de facto

This key with the values bench=yes/no is used mostly in combination with other tags (e.g. highway=bus_stop and amenity=shelter) to indicate that the feature in question includes benches. For isolated benches, amenity=bench is the usual method.

bench=stand_up_bench indicates that a bench is one on which you cannot really sit, but only half stand, half sit. These benches can be found at bus stops, and never have a backrest. There are several types: either a large tube (cf picture in the head of the article), or a wood or metal board with a 45° tilt. (NB proposal made on the 22nd July 2014, cf FR talk:Tag:amenity=bench)

Related tags

  • seats=* - number of available seats