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There is considerable information about ferry routes in OpenStreetMap, including ferry services, freight terminals and passenger terminals.

Ferries are a form of public transport that operate to connect road networks and to provide passenger service much like bus service. Some ferry systems consists of many routes while others are operated just to provide a convenient means visit an island or to cross a river or lake. Ferries may carry bicycles, cars, trucks and even rail cars while others only offer foot service

Access Restrictions

Ferries carry passengers, bicycles, cars, ... to the other side. To clarify who is carried, use access=*, e.g. bicycle=yes when bicycles are allowed, foot=no if pedestrians are not allowed, ...

Faring times

Ferry services range from simple boats, towed over by the passengers themselves up to small public transport companies which have their own GTFS feed.

If a website with general information and faring times is available, use website=* to link to it. If it is a self-service pond (where no fixed schedule exists), use opening_hours=24/7. If there is a somewhat fixed schedule, use opening_hours=* to indicate when the ferry is in operation and duration=* to indicate how long a roundtrip takes.

Touristical boat trips

Touristical boat trips (where one always boards and unboards at the same spot) should not be tagged as a ferry, but with attraction=boat_ride instead.