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Boat Ride Brugge.jpeg
A boat ride is a roundtrip with a boat, typically to go sight-seeing.
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A boat ride is a type of attraction=* where people board a boat, are taken for a short trip and returned to their startpoint, often faring via nice views with a guide giving some historical background. The boat trips are never functional.

These boat rides are typically found in historical city centers, near natural features such as fords or in theme parks. When used in a theme park, this tag should only be used for the gentle attractions.

A towboat-attraction in a theme park, propelled by an underwater cable

How to tag

Add roundtrip=no if people can get off on other locations then their departure location.

See also

route=ferry to tag ferries which provide functional transportation from one point to another Use attraction=log_fume, attraction=river_rafting and attraction=water_slide for the theme park attractions.