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Object of interest for a tourist. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Tourism
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Status: de facto

A general tourist attraction. This tag may be added to object to indicate that the place is interesting for tourists. Note that tagging just tourism=attraction is not enough - this tag should be used only as addition to main tag describing the feature.

For example tourism=attraction + name=Waterfall "Foobar" is not a proper way to tag waterfall named Foobar, such object should be tagged rather with waterway=waterfall + tourism=attraction + name=Foobar.

Other (rarely used) possible way is to map the primary feature (eg waterfall) and add tourism=yes.

This tagging is not distinguishing between major and minor tourism attraction. It is often misused, both as result of shortcoming of Maps.me editor and often used in tagging for the renderer as it is quite subjective and hard to be proved as incorrect.

In case of Maps.me it is often used as it is first on the list of available features and editor in that map has only short list of features that can be marked with it. In tagging for the renderer it is often used to force rendering attraction=animal.

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