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Public-images-osm logo.svg tourism = theme_park
An amusement park where entertainment is provided by rides, game concessions, etc.
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A theme park or amusement park is an area where entertainment is provided by rides, game concessions, etc. The tourism=theme_park tag should be used whether or not it has a theme. Examples include the Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Wikipedia-16px.png Universal Studios Florida, Wikipedia-16px.png Europa-Park, and Wikipedia-16px.png Ocean Park Hong Kong.

How to map

Draw the outline Area of the area.


Related tags

  • General tags
    • leisure=water_park for a theme park with water rides
    • opening_hours=* for defining set operating times for attractions, shops, transporation, park hours, etc. Or place a link to page with hours.
    • website=* for a user to find more information about the park. Generally page lands on park's site instead of resort's site
    • operator=* for defining the company that operates the park
  • Landuse
    • landuse=forest for tagging area of trees that are maintained
    • natural=wood for tagging area of trees that are not maintained
    • leisure=garden for tagging a green space inside a park.
    • landuse=grass for tagging grass spaces.
    • natural=tree for tagging trees
    • natural=water for tagging real or man-made water areas
    • amenity=fountain for using to show man-made fountains (way) or a fountain head inside waterway (node)
    • barrier=fence for showing enclosed spaces. Generally around garden spaces, attractions, and park boundaries
    • type=multipolygon for using a series of way to define an outer and inner space like an island on a lake or a building that is not fully roofed.
  • Highway/Pathways
    • highway=pedestrian for tagging large walkways generally large enough for a vehicle to drive on
    • highway=footway for tagging small walkways
    • highway=steps for tagging a pathway/highway that has steps in it.
    • wheelchair=* for adding description on for wheelchair accessibility
    • area=yes for showing large open area of footways/pedestrian ways
    • bridge=yes for showing a highway/railway being raised over a gap
    • barrier=gate for showing a gate that regular guests any or may not interact with. Generally showing an entrance/exit around park entrance, attractions, employee-back areas.
  • Attractions
    • building=yes for showing an enclosed building
    • building=roof for showing a building missing walls
    • tourism=attraction for an individual attraction in a theme park, or a standalone attraction. (node or way)
    • attraction=* for defining an attraction type (i.e. carousel, roller_coaster, transportation, dark_ride, etc.)
    • railway=narrow_gauge for defining a roller coaster track (used until railway=roller_coaster is approved by OSM community)
    • entrance=* generally tags include main, yes, exit, and service but can be used to insert user defined tags like standby.
    • shop=gift for tagging places for people to buy park merchandise (node or way)
    • shop=kiosk for tagging free-standing shops outside like a hat stand or a trinkets stall. (node or way)
  • Food
    • amenity=restaurant for a sit down restaurant with a server generally. (node or way)
    • amenity=fast_food for a quick service food generally in the form as a walk up window. (node or way)
    • amenity=ice_cream for a frozen treats. (node or way)
    • cuisine=* for tagging dining expirances food type like american, regional, italian, burger, etc.
  • Transportation
    • highway=service for defining a roadway not used for public vehicles.
    • amenity=parking for parking areas
    • service=parking_aisle for defining a parking aisle in a ground parking lot.
    • access=* Generally used with private/prohibited/permissive/designated/destination/emergency to help show on the map with a person can drive on it and with navigation GPS service using OSM data.
    • route=ferry for defining a boat's pathway
    • railway=rail for use on trains using regular size tracks
    • railway=preserved for use on trains using a historical rail line.
    • railway=narrow_gauge for use on trains using a rail size other then then standard size
    • railway=monorail for use on trains with a single rail only either supported by ground beam or an over-hanging beam. (Not for use on roller_coasters)
    • railway=tram for use on trains that run on footway/pedestrian streets may be electric or not.
    • (Most transportation tags use relationship-type tags)
      • type=route used to define a series of ways and nodes as a part of an transportation vehicle.
      • route=* to define a transportation type like tram, rail, ferry, bus, etc.
  • Useful Tags
    • amenity=atm for a place to allow guest to pull cash out of their bank (operator=* tag is used to help show which bank operates it to determine if fees apply. Also fee=yes can be used)
    • amenity=bench for showing park benches (generally for use on benches that are built in or bolted to ground and will not move)
    • amenity=drinking_water for showing location of a drinking fountain
    • amenity=post_box a box where mail can be sent from.
    • amenity=telephone a device on a wall that charges a fee to make a phone call.
    • amenity=theatre for showing location of a theater. (node or way)
    • amenity=toilets for showing public restrooms. (node or way)
    • highway=elevator for showing a place where a person can be lifted/lowered to another level of a building or across an elevation. Can be placed in middle of building. (node or way)
    • highway=street_lamp for showing lights in the park that aluminate park pathways (generally free-standing and taller than 1.5 meters)
    • emergency=defibrillator for showing location of an Automatic Emergency Defibrillator (AED).
    • emergency=fire_hydrant for showing fire hydrants inside the park.
    • tourism=artwork for showing where a piece of art is located like a statue.
    • tourism=informationfor showing park services that can give information.
    • tourism=viewpoint for showing a place where a person to stand to see an interesting vista.

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