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A museum: an institution with exhibitions on scientific, historical, cultural topics Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Tourism
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A museum is an institution which normally has exhibitions on scientific, historical, cultural topics, etc. Typically open to the public as a tourist attraction, museums may be more heavily involved in acquisitions, conservation or research.

How to Map

Set a node at the center of the feature or draw an area along its outline.

Tag it with tourism=museum.

Add name using name=* or use noname=yes to mark that object has no name.

Useful combination tags

Similar Tags

  • tourism=gallery - An art gallery. An institution holding art exhibitions (even if they have "museum" in the name).
  • shop=antiques - A shop selling antiques. Occasionally these may have "museum" in the name, and present themselves as museums. If it is mostly just a shop, then shop=antiques is better.
  • amenity=arts_centre - An arts centre. A venue where a variety of arts are performed or conducted.
  • amenity=theatre - Place where live theatrical performances are held.