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An entry control point building, spanning over a highway that enters a city or compound. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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building=gatehouse is used to tag an entry control point building, spanning over a highway that enters a city or compound.

Typical usage is for gates in city walls or gatehouses for large estates, largely as described in [W] Gatehouse. Many of these are of significant cultural, architectural and historic interest. City gates that were historically used as part of a city wall or are in use are better specified as historical=city_gates.(Example: Belgrade Gate, Istanbul)

A secondary usage (conflicting with "spanning over a highway") in some countries is for small modern buildings at the entrances to large commercial, industrial, military or academic (university) sites) housing security personnel who control access to the site, see [W] Guardhouse. At present no additional tag distinguishes between these meanings.

For such uses building=guardhouse may be more fitting.

How to map

Draw the building over the highway entering the city or compound. Add two nodes where the way crosses the building (one on the outside and one on the inside 'side' of the gatehouse). Use tunnel=building_passage on the section of highway covered by the building.



This is an example, not a 'gatehouse'.

A structure marking a gateway, or "Iljumun" in Korea, is a structure with a single row of columns or no walls. They do not serve as gates, but merely mark the beginning of an area.

Instead, use man_made=iljumun for "Iljumun".[1]

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