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A place where a road usage toll or fee is collected. Edit or translate this description.
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A toll booth is a place where charge for use of a road or bridge is collected, either manually or automatically. If it is a toll gantry that has no barrier to impede traffic see the tag highway=toll_gantry.

How to map

Simply add the tag barrier=toll_booth to the node where the toll booth is located.

The node should be on the highway the toll applies to, in order to support routing decisions.

If the toll applies only to particular type of traffic, e.g. only HGVs, add the appropriate sub-tag of toll=*, such as toll:hgv=yes in the example.

Multiple booths

example of multiple toll gates

It is not desirable to split road into multiple highway=* lines at toll gates.

Free traffic flow

If the toll bridge or toll gantry has no barrier and has free traffic flow then the tag highway=toll_gantry should be used instead.

Österreich,-Lkw-Maut,-Mautportal-(250710).jpg Bompengestasjon.jpg

German exception

There is an exception for the HGV toll system in Germany (see Toll Collect on Wikipedia), which operates by pre-booking and GPS monitoring.
The camera bridges or gantries over motorways and columns along federal roads do not trigger collection, instead they are enforcement devices checking compliance with the system.

Consequently, they should not be tagged with barrier=toll_booth or highway=toll_gantry. Instead, they can be tagged as a device in an enforcement relation.

The terminals where drivers can manually book a trip, often found in fuel stations, can be tagged as vending machines.


As the charge needs to be in relation to using the road, the tag should not be used for places collecting parking or admission fees. Instead, use for example barrier=lift_gate and fee=yes.

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