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used to mark the absence of a name, where something really does not have a name in reality Edit or translate this description.
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noname=yes can be used to mark the absence of a name i.e. where something really does not have a name in reality. This is to distinguish it from the situation where the name=* tag is missing due to incomplete OpenStreetMap data. Missing name=* tag is a common situation, caused by for example sketching over aerial imagery.

One of the main points of this noname=yes tag is to allow such tools like StreetComplete or JOSM validator to exclude streets from the highlighting where they genuinely have no name.


This tag was discussed as one of several alternatives under discussion at Proposed features/Noname. Nowadays it has a widespread usage and is used by multiple validators and OSM editors.


  • noname layer of, see (QA tool).
  • used by Vespucci - silences complaint (presented as a pink outline) about a missing name
  • used by StreetComplete, both added based on what user answered and used in queries

See also

  • noaddress=yes - To indicate that a building doesn't have an address.
  • nohousenumber=yes - For addresses which do not have a housenumber.