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An object of interest for a tourist, or a purpose-built tourist attraction 编辑此说明
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The tag tourism=attraction may be added to objects: 1) to indicate that the item is interesting for tourists, or less commonly, 2) to describe a facility which was built as a general  tourist attraction.

1) Usually this tag is used as a property of a feature to describe that it is of interests to tourists. In this case it is a synonym for tourism=yes. For example waterway=waterfall + tourism=attraction. This usage has a problem of subjectivity: why should one waterfall be considered more tourism-worthy than another?

This tagging does not distinguish between major tourism features (for example a theme park) and minor tourism attractions (for example a statue inside the theme park).

2) In some cases it is used alone, without another main feature tag, for a feature which is designed as a tourist attraction or "tourist trap", for example https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/116818224 "iFly Singapore". In many cases there is a more specific value under attraction=*. In such cases it is always possible to improve tagging by adding more specific tags describing object itself.

Not required with attraction=*

The tourism=attraction tag is not a tag that needs to be added to any feature with attraction=*. Instead, the attraction=* tag was designed independently of this tag.

However, several editors, such as Maps.me, wrongly apply attraction=* as a subtag.

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